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Tell me…

will tomorrow bring,
all the things
I’m longing…
stowed upon its elusive wings,
tirelessly beating
and fighting
to show what’s dangling
and hanging… 147 more words

‘The Stage is set, the Curtain rises…we are ready to begin.’ – Sherlock Holmes, BBC

This blog did not come about out of a selfish whim. I can still vividly remember the time when I made this taunting post on Facebook, telling 2018 to bring the hell on. 589 more words


THE 20s

The 20s huh? The most weird, frustrating, sometimes good, time period of a person. When we were a kids we always wanted to go for our 20s. 394 more words


Myth About Starting A Clothing Line.

When you walk with a dream of being an entrepreneur  its not an easy path (irrespective of all other dreams counting them equally important). We all have come across that myth that you need a lot of finance to start any business. 990 more words


🌊3 Reasons Why You Should Drink more Water

Water is literally life, and I haven’t realized this until recently. I am extremely late. I have been drinking more water, and I do notice some changes in my skin and my body. 192 more words

Health & Fitness

A Million Little Things

Hey all! I’ve been inspired by a new ABC series titled the same as this blog post and I just had to create some content around it. 491 more words

The Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities is a story set during the French Revolution when the oppressed common folk could no longer withstand the apathy of the ruling class and took over the castle and imprisoned everyone who seemed affluent. 546 more words