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Hey folks! Hope you’re doing well wherever you are. I’m here with a new review of one of the best books I’ve read this year. I first read Emily Lloyd-Jones’s…

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Rare Part 3

So these guys all blog about specific things, but normally its not something I have seen before, so I group them all together, want something a little unusual, try these blogs… 98 more words



Putih kemeja

Yang kau kena

Serasi dengan dasi

Hitam bergaris sepi

Termangu di resepsi

Juga sendiri

Jauh dari hiruknya

Ramai sebaya

Jiwamu mati… 7 more words


⭐️ unpopular opinions ⭐️

hello yes i am alive, and yes i am back (at least a bit).

  • not having watched certain movies/ tv shows is not a personally trait…
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People be aware.

Our intended outcome, dream in a nutshell.

Music and clothing #UrbanAfrica


Mini Wholemeal Scones that won't Last Long...

Doing a spot of baking this weekend and scones are so easy to make I won’t bore you with the recipe…but would love to hear how you eat yours… I have to admit I do love strawberry jam and clotted cream the best!


31 Day Challenge-Day 25

Okay, so, this will be really easy…here we go!

  1. My legs-  I have always thought my legs were very athletic like Tina Turner.                        
  2.  My Smile- 
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