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Blog Tour Award

My friend and fellow blogger Stormie at http://www.stormiesteele.com has nominated me for The Blog Tour Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Stormie is a wise soul with a tender heart who writes inspirational words with style and grace. 400 more words


Manicure Monday : Flower Power!


Manicure Monday today! Trying to get into the lighter, summer shades for a change! You may have seen this on my Instagram yesterday!

I love this blue Rimmel colour so had to use it! 136 more words


My top 10 reasons for not reading your blog

1: There is nothing on your about page that identifies who you are, why you blog, or where else I can find you online. I need not know your street address, ATM pin code, or see a picture. 641 more words


The Story Reading Ape reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:

Thanks for this Alice :D It makes me wonder how MY blog stacks up (and if people are being pestered by an annoying square pops up that wants to have the visitor's email address)...

Night 1 day 1 stopping medication

Going off medication should be simple aye? Stop taking it and ya good to go. Mmm nope. Try mood swings, lack of sleep, headaches, physically feeling ill. 355 more words


A Blogging Tip.

It’s time to take a step back. I notice a lot of people looking at wanting to know how to increase the number of people that follow them on a blog or on Twitter or some other social media outlet. 659 more words


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If you're not having fun or enjoying your blogging (or anything else you do voluntarily), either change what you are doing, or stop (for a while, or, for good) and go visit OTHER blogs you DO enjoy - like Ron's :D

Scarlet Bindi blog now live on Migreat

Fashion brand Scarlet Bindi hosted a pop up store over the Easter weekend where bloggers and press could go and peruse their collection over a cup of coffee. 198 more words

Habibi Lifestyle

It Goes Without Saying That Athiests Say Incredible Things

Such as it is on the blog titled, Why Evolution Is True.

Here the author supports an argument against religion with the opening statement of: 354 more words

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