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One Man, Two Hands, One Blog

I do what I can for the blogging community. Regardless of what rumors you may have heard this blog is run by only one man that rarely sleeps. 215 more words


What Kind of Blogger Are You?

The “hobby blogger” feels slighted that someone else can “make it” where they cannot. I can’t count the number of times I have read “you can’t do that with a blog or on social media.” What people really mean by this statement is that… 366 more words


Here we go again.

I’m relatively sure that at some point in the past I told myself I wasn’t going to start a new blog. I was going to keep the one I was working on. 116 more words


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She wrote, "I need some people to hold me accountable. I want to make it a goal to write something every day." Can we help Brittney out with this? I think so. :) Give her a visit and say hi! Note: Comments closed. Please comment on the original post.

Blogging Lies

I often see people state “if you want a large following just click like and follow on a bunch of blogs.” If people truly think that is all it takes you are in for some disappointment. 7 more words


5 WordPress Bloggers I Admire a Lot

Since starting my blog some three weeks ago, I came across many bloggers, but there were some for whom, I had developed an instant respect. 210 more words


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Heh, well that is very kind of you, but Freshly Pressed definitely gets you more traffic! I do what I can though. Thanks for the kind mention with those other far better bloggers! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.

Spread the Love- Share Your Blogs Here!

Yesterday I participated in the Spread the Love Challenge by creating ten four-word sentences about love.  Today, and throughout this weekend, I would like to spread the love by asking bloggers to share their work here. 361 more words

Filling The Glass

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Very nice post and way to welcome other bloggers! Thanks for the kind mention as well! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.


Ive been pretty well distracted lately in here. My poor blog has been a bit neglected. Haven’t had a chance to respond to comments so will catch up over the weekend. 116 more words