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Do you believe in Ghosts?

The paranormal is a subject that I have always had an interest in and grew up in my teens watching Most Haunted. Later on I branched out and found other ghost shows that caught my eye and along with books with true ghost stories and non my interest has only grown. 132 more words


Growing your Instagram?– secretes you need to know

Let’s face the fact – everyone (myself not being an exception) wants to have an interactive and fast growing Instagram, be it for personal or business purposes. 717 more words


What would your friends buy from you?

I did a 5 hour exam seminar today and one of the things that the students perked their ears up at was the idea of… 365 more words



Why do you have to be good at something, to love doing it?


The love of my life

As I spend the night looking back at my life I notice that when I was younger, some women told me they loved me for my eyes, I accepted. 131 more words

10 Reasons Why #BookBloggers Refuse to Review Indie Books #MPBooks

Before anyone gets upset by the above title, I’m not having a go at bloggers or trying to upset any indie authors out there. Instead I want to write a post to explore the reasons why book bloggers might refuse to review books, and this is especially the case sometimes with indie titles. 1,824 more words

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