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A couple of things combined in my head recently and proceeded to combust: an article from a publishing/library news site entitled “Sugar-Coating Called Worse Than No Representation At All… 502 more words


The Hustle Never Stops

So this morning THIS happened!

It’s still surreal to see anyone talk about The Fury of Blacky Jaguar. So far, the response has been really great and I’m incredibly humbled that anyone would want to read a story of mine at any length, so to invest a little extra time to read a novella means a lot. 390 more words


It's aliiiiiiiiiive!

Yep. McLaren Crafts is actually still alive! The little crafter that could still can… with some changes.

I have… well, not precisely ‘plans’. Plans are grandiose (or at least well-thought-out). 66 more words


IGNORE ME - Or, a little writerly advice...

I’m cringing as I begin to type this, but it’s been on my mind, so screw it.

Let me preface – I’m not the biggest fan of writing advice or anecdotes. 499 more words


Aprovecho Video Work/Trade

The purpose behind these videos is twofold: to label, categorize, pare-down, and distill each flush of footage from the week into something cohesive, a story of sorts; they were to be the foundation of a more dynamic video we’d been calling, ‘the story of a house.’ So excuse their unpolished look and the lack of soft jazz. 823 more words


Baby's first Bouchercon

I’d been to LCC in Portland earlier in the year, but the face I’m making above is pretty much the steady-state of where my brain was at when I landed in Raleigh, NC for Bouchercon 2015. 489 more words



I read a lot. (Really, if you’re a writer, you should.) I read all sorts of different things, not really concentrating on fantasy and science fiction, but dipping into mystery and literary fiction and graphic novels and history and biography and whatever happens to grab my interest. 972 more words