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The market is now open on ALL terrible takes of that name. TUGLIT, HUGLIT, SMUGLIT. The possibilities are ENDLESS…or as large as the entry in the rhyming dictionary for ‘thug’. 334 more words


Electric word, life

When I was 4 or 5 years old, most of my family lived under the same roof. My uncle, Papo (Marcelo) was a big music/movie head. 243 more words


The dilemma of reviews

I read a book recently that I had an awful time reviewing. I couldn’t even give it a rating, and that brought me to the dilemma of ratings and reviews in the current era. 810 more words


Wordpress Blogs on Goodreads Help

I have technical issues between Goodreads and WordPress. What seemed easy-peasy with Blogger seems more like a self-done root canal at times with WordPress. Case in point. 279 more words

My Writing

The Goddamn Batman v. Superman

I’m glad I didn’t take my kid to see Batman v Superman.

See, I walked out of a movie theater last night completely secure in the knowledge that Zack Snyder hates my son. 709 more words


Word count goals

I’m totally not the kind of writer who does word count goals. Some writers find them very motivating – so many that they seem ubiquitous, and a common question directed at any writer is, “How many words do you write a day?” 365 more words


*emerges from cave*

Holy hell, haven’t posted since January.

It’s not for lack of wanting to blog, but man, BUSY.

Had a baby. She is awesome. I am now a father of two. 403 more words