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(Slightly more than) Mid-Year Update

I figured I should write something that didn’t have to do with Refuge for a change, and update what’s going on in my writing world. Of course, what’s going on is mostly Refuge. 217 more words


Nine Years

Today marks nine years since my surgery. Some days it feels like it’s been forever, others it feels like it was just yesterday. I’m starting to forget what it was like being able-bodied, memories of my body now are replacing my body before. 351 more words


Update: Did Not Actually Get Eaten By NYC

Kinda fell off again there awhile.
My bad.

I’ve a few months worth of distance from my trip now, which wipes away some of the gloss and the fog and adds a nice layer of perspective; still wouldn’t trade it all for anything. 294 more words


Want to Build a GREAT School? Follow These 10 Commandments…

This was the post that I planned to use to re-launch my bouts of bloggery this summer…

In the end I went with an ‘easier’ option… 673 more words


Demonic Goldfish & Feces Finger Paint--THE STORY

The Lovely Caroline Harbour and I decided to co-write a twitter story. Behold the epic adventure of our nameless hero and the demonic goldfish! (P.S. I didn’t feel like doing double the pictures so the reply to the previous tweet is in the quoted/boxed section.)


How I Procrastinate

So this is what I do when I’m busy procrastinating from writing a difficult scene. I draw or create a new book cover…and then come up with a plot sketch for said new book cover. 35 more words