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Waiting on a delayed plane and a late connecting flight, so hey, I’ve got time.


The very last thing I did before leaving my second Bouchercon was shake Walter Mosely’s hand and thank him for being him. 359 more words


Another lesson in writing about what you know

I admit I majored in English Lit, and somehow I managed to miss wide swaths of literature: 1984 (we read Animal Farm instead), anything by Dostoyevsky (technically not English Lit but still on that list of Things You Oughta read if you’re a book person), and more than the slightest bit of Southern literature. 267 more words


Grinning Sideways

6:30AM Skytrain:
The steady rattle of the train is punctuated by a PSSSHTCLK!
as the man behind me starts his day off with a Lucky Lager. 325 more words


Bouchercon or Bust...

How the hell is it September?


*gets a thorough explanation on the movement of space/time and human use of defined measurement of said passage of time based on the rotation of the earth and its own rotation around the sun.* 860 more words


Another day, another writing dilemma

Is every writer’s blog a collection of dilemmas? More to the point, does everyone repeat themselves the way I do? (I’m guessing the answer is Yes.) This time I’m… 1,253 more words



The surface is as clear and smooth as glass.
This lasts until a lone vacationer on a seadoo revs his engines and cuts an azure line across the water, from west to east. 338 more words


Long time no rant...

So I finally finished the first draft to BLACKY JAGUAR AGAINST THE COOL CLUX CULT!!!, the follow up to my wildly acknowledged novella, THE FURY OF BLACKY JAGUAR… 260 more words