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Ok… so 3 things I have in common with all 3 of my daughters are part of the title…


the bastard title

A podcast? Seriously? Who doesn’t have a fucking podcast?

Well…I mean, I didn’t have a podcast if that counts for anything.

So yeah, I started a podcast ( 308 more words



I finished God of War over the weekend. I’m not going to discuss any of the meat of the plot so no worries about spoilers. Rather, I think I may have played a video game that spoke to me as a father? 485 more words


Parental Alienation 😢

Well, I’ve made the decision to devote this bloggery to a pandemic: parental alienation. It has affected me for going on 3 years.

I was recently a guest on a great internet-radio show, Far From Normal. 892 more words


'I'm not dead yet. ...'

Sixty-four, Bog help us all. The lyric “When I get older, losing my hair / Many years from now” no longer applies.

I’m not that handy mending a fuse, and Herself doesn’t knit sweaters by the fireside. 56 more words

Music That Doesn't Suck


2018. A year that’s already jam-packed with change.

A lot has happened since I fell off the Earth and hibernated the last few months of 2017 (sorry!). 679 more words


Olive juice 😍

We all know the the last few years have been rough. Not just on me, on almost everyone. I can’t say I’m the only person that struggles, … 549 more words