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Back to business

Thanks to one and all for minding the store in my absence. Turns out I needed more than a day off, so I took the weekend. 116 more words


Day ? - Swimming!

Okay, as I told you before, I forgot ┬áthe order or the days that we went. But anyways, it’s swimming day! Which meant lazy river races, hanging out around the wave pool, and floating in the 8 tube (Or infinity tube. 107 more words



This may be personal

Sometimes I see people putting their pencils into their pencil boxes and when I look at them, they say “I have OCD. 209 more words


What Happened To Kitty?

I used to own a cat, named ‘Kitty’. She was a beautiful black and white cat, who was very sweet. I don’t have any pictures to show you, but here’s what she roughly looks like: 104 more words


The Story behind Google


This little kitten was given to my mother by her friend on February 24, 2012. (Google is now 4+ years!) She was kept inside a box and was given milk (small carton) while my mother returned from work. 86 more words


The Random Room

~An Introduction to my readers ~

The Random Room: Where the REAL random starts. From little stories from my life to Science Notes I could share (???) , I think you could find this page torturous or exciting! Get ready and random!


The Swap - or, what to consider when you want to change a character's gender

(Note: very slightly spoilery if you have an interest in the newest rendition of a certain classic detective.)

My husband was deeply upset with the second episode of… 638 more words