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The First Rule of Life Club

You gotta feel it to heal it.

That’s how you live a non-repressed life. And I am a non-repressed person. It’s so instinctive to me to get to the heart of it and rip it out for what it’s worth. 304 more words


The god of Irony

I was hanging out with an old god, Ganesh, and I asked him very seriously to grant me a boon; please remove the obstacle that prevents me from living my life in peace, as I have been feeling more tortured than ever before. 12 more words


Empath on a Bender

I’m not so sure the path of least resistance is possible, though the path of LESS PAIN is.

There’s this mental space I go into every once in a while – it’s kind of like limbo, but darker and drearier, though it’s definitely a place where you wait for revelations to happen. 855 more words


Wild is the Wind

How do I win the crowd with a headline like, “Wild is the Wind” when it’s not about Bowie, nor is it about anything that the mob seems interested in lately? 1,051 more words


Wait, what?

I was in day one of all-day training, paying more attention to my phone b/c that’s what you do in all-day training when I got a little message on FB Messenger. 258 more words


Writing lessons

After a long delay, I’ve finally finished watching Iron Fist, and after an even longer delay, I’m finally writing about it. Rather than simply make this a rant – my husband and I called this show our homework, what we had to watch to get ready for… 1,097 more words


London Part Deux

This time a bit more of a touristy type deal than a bedraggled zombie shuffle through the nightlife deal.
Starting off with Big Ben and Buckingham. 325 more words