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On double edged nostalgia OR "When is it weird?"

Update attempt #11.

Just about every time I start an entry I sidetrack myself with old entries. I’d start with, “when was my last update?” and wind up on an old friend’s ancient story about hot Jewish girls two hours later. 189 more words

All Hell's A-Coming

Preacher airs in 5 days.

5 fucking days.

I’m terrified.

A lot of folks have written of their love of the source material and plenty of reviews admit the show deviates, and honestly, fine, I can live with that. 355 more words



I’ve added a fun feature on the site where you can kill me off. Or apply to murder me? Basically I’m giving writers permission to turn me into a character and kill off their very own Xandrie Kovak… IN FICTION, people.  30 more words


Writing Lesson / Movie Review / Fangirl Moment

I really want to talk about Captain America: Civil War. I’m really tempted to offer a rebuttal to the “whose side are you on?” theme of all the advertising and most of the reviews, which I don’t think was actually the point of the film. 738 more words



An article by Gabino Iglesias over at Entropy got me thinking about being an “other” as a writer. Give it a read, he points out some frustrating and interesting bits about the use of Spanish language in his fiction and how some readers seemed to recoil at the slight discomfort of having to use their goddamn brains and not be immediately catered to. 1,081 more words



The market is now open on ALL terrible takes of that name. TUGLIT, HUGLIT, SMUGLIT. The possibilities are ENDLESS…or as large as the entry in the rhyming dictionary for ‘thug’. 334 more words


Electric word, life

When I was 4 or 5 years old, most of my family lived under the same roof. My uncle, Papo (Marcelo) was a big music/movie head. 243 more words