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Success in Failure

Well last week I made a goal to write 5k. That didn’t happen. Instead: I wrote 3k; on top of losing 4 days to life crap; scrapped a story that was “painfully bad”; started  to re-write it as well as switching to 3rd person; made several epiphanies for the series; and realized that I felt really good about my progress despite technically failing to reach my goal. 12 more words


Sabotage: How to mess up your own writing

I recently read Dreaming Spies, a lovely mystery novel in Laurie R. King’s series of Sherlock Holmes novels, where she revives the famous detective’s character and pairs him up with Mary Russell, a spunky female sleuth of her own creation. 780 more words


Warning. Rant below. Enter at your own risk.

This morning, I tweeted about Kim K’s “waist trainer.” There was an article that published a recent selfie of her in her waist trainer and it praised her for looking “sexy” and “skinny” and for having achieved the “perfect hourglass shape.” When I saw the picture of her, I… 830 more words


To Read or to Write? The Struggle is Real.

So, I’ve got this pesky problem. I just love reading so, so much, maybe too much. It’s what fostered my respect for writing, but lately it seems to have morphed into this slavering monster that consumes the time I put aside for writing. 52 more words


Blight Digest is live!

Hey folks,

My newest story, ‘How Little Sleeps’, appears in the latest Blight Digest. It’s one of my first horror pieces accepted and also has the distinction of being one of my first stories that draws my cultural heritage. 117 more words


A Good Kick To the Ass

I’ve never been a fan of the phrase, ‘I’m my own worst critic’.

Sure, as a writer, I’m definitely critical of what I put together. I’m serious about this and I want to put effort into creating stories and characters that are worth a reader’s time. 1,112 more words



The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind of good news and a disgusting cold.

Like some sort of phlegmy-literaturenado.

Anyway, I’ve just spent an entire day editing my entire novel manuscript for the eighth (maybe ninth) time. 205 more words