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...when I had control

Time to bring folks up to speed.


Yeah… Kidneys said fuck it and gave up! I hate to sound cliché, but I really didn’t think it could happen to me. 231 more words



Am I the only one who finds it awkward when receiving a dickpic? I mean, I appreciate the gesture and all,



All that has transpired

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in almost 3 years?! Well, to be honest a lot has happened to make me not available to blog as often as I would have liked to. 46 more words


Miscellaneous Thoughts Whilst Fending Off A Fever

You find yourself with not a lot of glasses in the cupboards; they’re by the sofa, on the table, near the desk, at your bedside, all half-full and abandoned because you forgot they were there in the first place and went to get another because you’ve already sweat out your body weight trying to find the optimal amount of blankets that will keep you from shivering so hard you fall apart. 387 more words


Putting the "Home" in HOMEWOOD

This summer has been…a multitude of things. Exciting, stressful, joyful, tiring, sad…just to name a few.

As you all know, I had weird stomach issues for the better half of the summer. 598 more words


Oh, heck

Guess it was finally time to get a proper site up for all my proper playwriting business.

You can find it here.


Taking yourself seriously

I’ve been writing romance novels. The last two books I self-published were the first two in a planned series of four romance novels, and the project I’m working on now is the third in the series. 638 more words