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On Blacky Jaguar or My Transparent Promotional Blog Post

Had this rattling in my head:

The Evolution of Blacky Jaguar

It started with a single black and white photograph on a random article I found on my Facebook feed. 906 more words


Something In The Woods

As far back as I can recall, my father has always been telling stories.

There were the ones from his own childhood, the details patched together or overwritten in favour of something leaner and cleaner. 991 more words



No poetry this time; I went on vacation and all I got were pictures. I traveled with two other writers, who pitched this as a sort of mini writers’ retreat, so my brain was entirely in fiction mode and had no room for poetry. 27 more words


Where in the world is Mary Kathryn?

So I realized that I’ve basically been missing in action for…a really long time. My apologies everyone. Can you tell from my absence that my life has been crazy lately? 353 more words


Summer, Twenty-Something, In An Applebees By The Side Of The Highway

The line is in a constant state of eruption; tickets are flying in faster than the plates can fly out, the fry cook’s just burned himself again and is gripping an ice pack to his wrist while he loads another basket of fries and the manager herself has appeared to support the poor struggling souls in the dishpit. 538 more words


Free Blacky Jaguar!



Still, need to scratch in some time for this one!

We’re giving away 3 free copies of The Fury of Blacky Jaguar over at… 106 more words


"Show don't tell"

Okay, here we are with the rules of writing again. I’ve been reading The Dream Lover, a recently published biographical novel about the writer George Sand. 404 more words