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The Four Hour Blog Week

I’m sitting on my perch in the old tin shed. There is a girl sitting next to me, she smells like patchouli and fresh flowers. She is a world famous blogger or should I say bloggess we sit in silence both in our own worlds. 264 more words

Adventure Touring

This Weather is Trying to Murder Me

I cannot decide, but I think this weather is trying to murder me in my desire to constantly be still or stay asleep. I recall putting in my southern weather order that it not amount of multiple days like Seattle, Washington. 795 more words


how I talk to famous people

The Bloggess is not paying me to write this, unless she would like to. To which I would say “if you insist” and graciously accept her payment before she comes to her senses and changes her mind. 626 more words


The One-and-Only Jenny Lawson Comes to Nashville

I had been reading Jenny Lawson’s blog, The Bloggess, for a while before I saw the post that made me fall madly in love with her voice.  777 more words

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ahem, a tad bit excited…

Today is the book release day for Jenny Lawson’s 2nd book Furiously Happy.

Get thee to a bookstore post haste.




The local supermarket had this guy just hanging out in some gaucho clothes. “HELLO! WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY SOME GROCERIES?”  He seems absolutely  furiously happy. 207 more words


Food Porn aka What I Ate This Week

I’m slowly understanding why college students tend to put on a lot of weight. This has all become a grim reality. The truth is, it is extremely hard to eat healthy while being a full time college student. 396 more words

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