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Two Year Blog Anniversary!

This blog has been running longer than any relationship I’ve ever been in, so I’m pretty damn proud of that. I could wax poetic about commitments and writing and all that jazz, but I am not sure what I could say that wouldn’t sound pretentious. 147 more words


Humans and Hoomanity

One of my quests for the year (doesn’t that sound way more interesting than “goals”?) is to get deeper.  I seem to live like a pendulum – I spent too many years buried deep in my own head – then years at the other extreme.   819 more words


Playing with backgrounds

The Bloggess put me onto a fun graphics program, Dreamscope.  It’s free, you just sign up.  You put in a photo of your choice, and then select a style, and it crunches it with some AI and in about 5 minutes it gives you a nifty transformation.   175 more words

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[read] Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

If anyone has already read this book, I’d like to hear your diarrhea of the mind (this is a safe zone).
Those of you who havent, do so, and If you’d be So kind as to provide to me your thoughts… I’d appreciate that too. 884 more words

Transforming Chaos

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

So I broke my own rule this year.

You might remember when I posted about My Christmas last year. And also when I ruined a lot of little boys’ and girls’ dreams when I told them… 2,390 more words

Personal Stories

The Four Hour Blog Week

I’m sitting on my perch in the old tin shed. There is a girl sitting next to me, she smells like patchouli and fresh flowers. She is a world famous blogger or should I say bloggess we sit in silence both in our own worlds. 264 more words

Adventure Touring

This Weather is Trying to Murder Me

I cannot decide, but I think this weather is trying to murder me in my desire to constantly be still or stay asleep. I recall putting in my southern weather order that it not amount of multiple days like Seattle, Washington. 795 more words