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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I was just thinking about my career trajectory recently and then traveled down memory lane to my other career aspirations that never came to fruition. I currently work in publishing, but while I was in graduate school I would think to myself that if publishing didn’t work out I’d become a… 431 more words


The Psychometer of a Polarized Emotional State

I don’t know what lies more: depression or happiness?  The only times I can feel validated to the outside world are when I am zombie-depressed.  I sleep, I mope, I cry, and I think about suicide for comfort.   707 more words


Self Righteous Bloggers Bore Me to Death

Readers either seem to relate to my really sappy posts about something thoughtful or they relate to my more brutally honest posts, of which this one will fit.  898 more words


The Bloggess on Sex with Bears and Apologies

Jenny Lawson put up a post yesterday – Worst Advice Ever

Last week my friend said that her mom’s greatest piece of advice was “Do one thing every day that scares you” and I told her that was terrible advice because you know what scares me?   180 more words


Happy First Birthday!

My blog is one-year-old today! I actually committed to something! This has never happened before with any hobby I have attempted (scrap-booking, blogging in the high school, electric guitar…). 110 more words


Blog of the Week: The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson

This, in a way, feels like a cop out post. It isn’t, but it feels that way because is there anyone left who follows blogs at all that does not know of Jenny Lawson’s… 250 more words

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