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A Random Poem About a Random Mountain

I wrote this poem when I was about 15, and going through a phase of wanting to write Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Thankfully, I got over that bad idea, but I did find this poem that I wrote for it in my old writing files, and I thought that I would share it with you. 155 more words


Random Thought 1-10-2017

“When you conquer the monster that is your fear, you feel like a superhero.”


Goal of the Week 1-08-2017

Due to a busy week, getting some last minute things done for the new year, I wasn’t able to get too much writing done, and only accomplished 1,000 words instead of 10,000. 20 more words


Random Thought 1-5-2017

“Maybe we should all borrow a page from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.”

It’s an ornery creature of the wild, not given to listening to its earthbound critics.

66 more words

Goal of the Week 1/1/2017

After a mind-blowingly busy holiday season that kept me away from my writing chair, I can finally come back to my little, cozy world that I love. 26 more words


Christmas Spirit

So with all this negativity and stress going on in my life and my constant efforts to alleviate both. I want to share some positive happenings over at  … 368 more words

Random Thought 12-12-2016

Sometimes, to discover the beginning of your story, you must start at the end of it.