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Random Thought 11-15-2016

“Progress is the compass that guides us down a path of stars, into the realm of our dreams.”

It’s only by going forward, by taking that step off into the unknown, by looking to the future and not clinging to the past, that our dreams will then eventually, become our reality.


Memory Land

Though the years go sailing by,

From the rosiness of youth to wrinkled sagacity,

There is the single thing that reminds us of our purest self, 226 more words


Random Thought 11-09-2016

“Orange-haired buffoons ruling the world.”

Disappointment burns ragingly inside of my core; not only for those perfect idiots without a clue, but also for myself, for allowing atrophy to possibly allow the worst mistake to occur.

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Random Thought 11-08-2016

Humans are all just brains controlling a body.”

Have you ever stopped to realize that, without the brain controlling our every movement, all that would be left are stiff sacks of flappy skin and bones.

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I Am Young

I am young; my heart still warm with life.

My blood still sweet; not yet bittered by mocking regrets.

Fiercely loyal to those I love; an immeasurable strength of will. 122 more words


Art Heals

I recently read an article that fired up some of my neural pathways.  Yes. We all know certain activities inspire, change, uplift and regenerate our souls.   180 more words

#Intentional Creativity

This really isn't about parking garages.

After high school graduation, I got the chance to go on one of those educational tours with a group of peers and my French teacher. We were in London for a few days and used our late afternoons to queue for tickets to shows. 1,676 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy