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Video Games

I love playing video games.

Or actually, I used to.

It has become just one of those things that I cannot do as easily with my illness. 230 more words

Chronic Migraine

Exam disaster 

Last Thursday on the 20th of October 2016. My school started at 9:50 am and my bus came at 9:00 am. First everything was great. I was a little bit nervous because on that day would write an exam. 219 more words

The Real Chapter In History Starts Tonight In Cleveland

The election is 14 days away.  But, tonight history watchers will be viewing game one of the World Series.  The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will face off this year. 961 more words


The Man And His Campaign Simply Have No Shame

Here is another example of a candidate and his campaign proving they have no shame.  Trump and his campaign will say anything and do anything to convince you he is a “great” guy looking out for everyone. 667 more words


Trump Just Doesn't Understand Anything

I just don’t know what to say about Donald Trump anymore.  He has been disgusting for a long time, even before he decided to run for President, but he has gone off the rails big time. 592 more words


What's with the Monopoly Pieces?

The inspiration for creating this blog was from watching an interview that Seth Godin gave the other day (see my first post to watch the video). 352 more words

Small Business

Highly Motivated, and Chasing My Dreams

I keep saying I’m going to blog again and I would stick to it. I have been failing, badly. So I’m going to give it another shot, on refocusing what I want my blog to be about and stick to it. 290 more words