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When Wishes and Realities Collide

It’s a strange sensation, when images and scenes from your minds eye become a reality. Actually experiencing things that you had merely read about in books and seen in films over the years is indescribable. 455 more words


Reagan's Killing Of The Fairness Doctrine Has Given Us Our Dysfunctional Government

One of my college history professors once talked about the two chambers of Congress.  He explained that the House of Representatives would always have turmoil.  He based that idea on the fact that it was made up of a lot more people from varying parts of the country.  1,133 more words


Flags Really Do Stand For Something - Whether You Like It Or Not!

Question, do you recognize or remember each of these flags?  In case you don’t remember, let me explain them to you.  The first one is the so-called Christian Flag.  743 more words


The Republican Definition Of Governing Is Still: "Kick The Can Down The Road Bills"

Once the GOP took control of both houses of Congress, we were told that we would see what “governing” was all about.  They would make sure that everything went smoothly, and “things would get done.”  We are coming close to the end of the year and we now see what their definition of “governing” is all about. 1,025 more words


Carefree & Euphoric in Boston Feat. Curl Friends

Carefree- free from anxiety or responsibility

Euphoric- characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness

Found on http://www.bing.com

 Above I wrote the definitions of carefree and euphoric those are the two main adjectives we wanted to express through our photos and blog post. 338 more words


Monkey Forest // Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Monkey Forest is DANGEROUS. They are completely unafraid and have no problem pulling down your pants for a banana (I can say from personal experience). 203 more words


Carefree + Euphoric in Boston

This afternoon “Carefree & Euphoric in Boston Feat. #CURLFRIENDS will be posted!