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Get Lost

I can understand that this is blunt, and rude. But before you say, “you get lost… you’re the loser posting stupid blog posts, I don’t wanna read this! 332 more words


What Is Next For The Paranoid Texas Governor - Call Out The Troops To Protect Against Witches?

We have heard the paranoia time-and-again.  Especially from North Korea.  Every time the U.S. and South Korea plan a training exercise, North Korea claims that it is really a cover for an invasion of the north.  1,351 more words


8 Blogging mistakes

Starting a blog is not an easy thing to do. There are different hard tasks to tackle before proceeding on posting or whatever. Lots of blogger will agree on my conclusion that the hardest thing to do when blogging is thinking the name of the blog. 586 more words


Fool Everyone.

Get those bonnets and bowties ready! (Bonnets because you could be amish? Or a baby? I’m not sure who’s reading this and I refuse to discriminate) 642 more words


Baltimore Violence Is A Tragedy And Needs To Be Refuted - Unfortunately, It Was Bound To Happen Somewhere

The violence that erupted in Baltimore yesterday is a tragedy.  I also believe that it serves no purpose in changing opinions and/or views.  I have always spoken out against violence.  842 more words


Love & Listen ... to Me.

So this is it. My very first post. I have waited so long for this moment to finally happen. And I know that ultimately it was only a matter of time, since it literally involved me sitting down and taking this blog thing seriously. 230 more words