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You Can't Pick Your Siblings But I Wouldn't Want Too.

Sadly, I hear many stories of sibling rivalry and or wars more than I want to. This is something I will never understand. I lucked out for sure. 1,037 more words


Further Attacks On Liberty And Freedom By The Incoming Administration

Day 68.

We are beginning to see who is the next target in Trump’s attempt to establish his authoritarian government.  And, of course, it is the free press.  1,128 more words


New Years Resolution

For the first time since forever, I didn’t make a New Years resolution. The past two years my resolutions have been somewhere along the lines of “be healthier” and “manage my illness more”, but this year I didn’t think it would be fair to hold myself accountable for such an impossible goal. 133 more words


Pocket change

Dear Niki,

Still in search of a source of income…

I’ve been dancing socially for about seven years. For the past three years, I’ve been taking it more seriously, trying new genres and pushing myself to be more disciplined and better overall. 282 more words


Ahem.....it is me.

Dusting off the mic.  Wiping away the cobwebs.  Trying to find where I put everything.

I have not posted a blog post since May of 2016.  602 more words


Draining The Swamp Republican Style

Day 54

In 2008 we saw the Abramoff scandal.  During the unraveling of his scam, several members of Congress got caught up on the corruption.  As a result, and trying to keep scandal from the halls of Congress, Nancy Pelosi got the House to approve the Office of Congressional Ethics.  1,034 more words


What are you saying n

We live in a world that is so imagined, to be a certain way, to be lived by the imagined and how they see the world should be.We surround ourselves by people who tell us of a way to live, of there dreams which soon become our own dreams. 194 more words