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I Believe That The Netanyahu Invite Only Proves Republicans Share His Fear Of Peace

Tomorrow Benjamin Netanyahu will give his speech to a joint session of Congress.  We have heard a lot of talk about the speech.  Boehner, who invited him, is defending his actions even thought he broke protocol in his invitation.  831 more words


How to make a dreamcatcher!

Hello fellow readers. I tend to have longer “Down” periods of writing than most! But I hope you find that when I do post it is worth the read. 1,057 more words


Welcome to the Spirit Embassy BLOG!

 Prophet Uebert Angel

Major Prophet Uebert Angels’ name has become synonymous with miracles, healing, signs, wonders and accurate prophecies. And when he talks about the power of God to prosper believers he really is unapologetic. 136 more words


FCC Rule On Net Neutrality Has Republicans In A Tizzy, Again

The FCC ruled on its net neutrality decision.  The new regulations bar companies such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from blocking or slowing online traffic, or offering faster service in return for payment.  788 more words


Loving Lately 27.02.15

Friday’s here again! You should know I’m doing a happy dance just because I love fridays! This week has been a bit quick and not so awesome as I’ve finally caught a cold! 604 more words


O'Reilly Seems To Be Caught In Another Lie. Fox News' Response "Yeah, What's The Big Deal?"

Poor Bill O’Reilly just can’t seem to keep out of the spotlight.  Only in this case it is the wrong spotlight.  As we discussed before, O’Reilly appears to have “embellished” his time in Argentina covering the Falklands War.  820 more words


Hiiiii! I'm here & a little late on the whole bloggin' shizzz.

My very FIRST blog post & it feels good! Be sure to follow my blog to ensure that you all are staying on track of my study abroad experience while I am in Australia. 32 more words