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Law of Attraction.

See I knew you were mine, wasn’t precognition

I already thought you were mine, then it came to fruition

Couldn’t let you waste away with a ute without vision… 57 more words

Creative Writing

It's Grace Week on my blog, For His Glory

Big week on my blog, For His Glory
Monday begins Grace Week.
I’m back from my sabbatical and eager to get back in the blogosphere. 100 more words

16-20/50 Things that make me anxious

16. Sleeping without a blanket/something on my feet
Those who do not do this are evil. Demons sent from the underworld. If I don’t have anything wrapped around me while I’m in bed, it just feels wrong on so many levels. 237 more words


RuPaul is God

There is a reason RuPaul has made Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people list this year… he’s a literal God (in drag).

Now, I don’t believe in a higher power – but if I did, he would look something like this… 226 more words


forcing creativity

so i was going to write about whether or not rules were meant to be broken. Short answer: yes and no. However, as I was writing the post, I realized that I didn’t really have a lot to say about it, other than the fact that progress can be made when we deviate from the rules. 604 more words

Bloggers are artists, they have to be creative in writing.  And i believe, introverts are more creative in writing. Because they can think deep to a subject and introverts finds all the possibility of creation( extroverts are also good but coming to writing introverts can make a little bit awesome). 410 more words



“Where have I been playing it safe?”

Self- reflection is key towards having any type of positive change in life. Change is easier to comprehend and implement if you are aware of your faults, strengths, quirks, and comfort zones. 371 more words