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The Respect Blog Award

I was nominated for this award a while ago by my good friend Vicki from The Page Turner.  Check out her blog she does a lot of book reviews as well as other posts, she’s also the author of the book I’ve just reviewed… 592 more words


On Blogging

This is about how I feel after reading through my previous blog posts.


Republicans Are Now Revising History In Less Than A Year

The U.S. Congress passed a bill called Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JUSTA).  The President vetoed the bill citing it opened up the U.S. to a slew of similar laws in other countries that would affect us. 558 more words


Daily prompt/disagree/9/29/2016

Today’s word prompt is disagree to learn more about daily prompts click above.

I’m going to say this one thing first. I disagree that mornings should start so darn early! 74 more words


Can Millenials have a mid-life crisis?

I wonder if I am having a mid-life crisis or are we Millenials are supposed to even be close to one?

I question everything? My career, my relationship? 41 more words

What's your social intelligence quotient?...

What’s your social intelligence quotient?

I ran across an ad this week promoting some snake oil psychologist who “speaks with independence,” the ad said, “but uses… 52 more words