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Sale of Rick Riordan's books

Most of Rick Riordan’s books are $1.99 for ebooks. Below are the links to the main page under the search of his name. I am unsure on how long they will be on sale. 45 more words


First Day

Hello and welcome to my blog, Opulent Entity.

I’m Katie, it’s nice to meet you. I’m really excited to start blogging, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now I’m going for it. 87 more words


New York Bill Might Help Domestic Abuse Victims Stay Out Of Jail, But It Doesn't Address The Real Problem

There is a new bill in New York State that is intended to help prevent women from going to prison when they kill an abuser.  In far too many states in our country, if a woman kills an abuser she is usually prosecuted for murder and if convicted, must face harsh mandatory jail sentences. 799 more words


Nature Walk 1.0

Since it is Spring, the weather is warming up and heading to summer temperature. I’m too sure about Michigan got the memo that its spring, everything has life again. 263 more words



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The Bible Police

What would happen if we could no longer read or use our Bibles?
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"Eat a Burger"

Okay, honestly when I started this blog I wasn’t expecting to get this personal this quick, but I feel that it needs to happen. So, since the past week was “body positivity” week, there were quite a few articles on Twitter, Snapchat, and etc. 452 more words