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Supporting Local Farms: Farm Fresh Delivery

I started a mini-series on the blog a while ago focusing on supporting local farms. My first post in this series focused on supporting farmers markets and my follow up post explained what CSA’s were and why you should look into them! 545 more words


If Republican Economic Policies Win Out - We Will All Live In Kansas

Fiscal Conservatives want you to believe that the Government, whether it be Federal, State, County, City, or local should be small.  They want you to believe that if any of these governments would just cut taxes to the bone, economic prosperity is right around the corner for everyone. 874 more words


It's not the camera, It's what you do with it.

So  many times photographers, specially the ones just getting started in the craft, have the wrong assumption that a better, more expensive camera will make them better photographers. 50 more words


It's Official - You Can Stop Listening To 2016 Presidential Candidates Because There Won't Be A 2016

If that headline didn’t get your attention, maybe you should examine what some of the most powerful Conservative Christians are saying about the end times.  Maybe you should also examine which members of Congress believe them when they say we are at dooms doorstep. 1,105 more words


Christian Terrorism Is Very Real In The U.S. But No One Wants You To Know About It!

I have had many reactions to my writing about inclusion.  I have been told that only Muslims are terrorists and that we can’t come up with any proof that Christians are terrorists.  901 more words


Texas Claims They Want A Small Government But Continue To Wield Big Government Stick Against Their Own Citizens

Big Government or Small Government.  That has been a political question for generations.  It even goes way back to the very founding of our country.  Do we want a strong big government, or do we want a weak small government?  519 more words