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He rose from the dead
three days after his burial
to prove His omnipotence,
while Simon,Peter and others argued on His resurrection
on the road to Gallale.

22 JUNE 2017

Blogging 101

My top 3 takeaways from my 'build'

As I’m contemplating about going into my next build in the Autumn and I’ve been taking some pictures for my trainer of where I’m currently at, I thought I would re-post this blog post from last year when I’d just finished my first ever build. 726 more words

Blogging 101

There is a Madness in the Land.

I found this poem recently which I had written nearly ten years ago. The news was full, it seemed at the time, of horrific stories of violence on the streets and in the homes of our land. 197 more words


Where The Sun Don't Shine

Evil is but a shadow in this illuminescent world,

A fraction of the truth lying distorted on the ground,

Time of day deviates,

Shadows calculate, 69 more words

Thoughtful Words

Post Father's Day '17

This isn’t a post about Tarot. It’s a sort of catch up I suppose. I wrote the piece below, which is bracketed and in italics, in late January 2016 shortly after visiting Dad in the nursing home. 733 more words


Why Am I Here?


With life’s many twists and turns some can go a lifetime trying to figure out what our passion is.   I have always had a strong passion for spirituality.   194 more words


My Experience With Low THC Medical Marijuana, and What You Need To Know

Over the years I knew that once medical marijuana was legalized, I would be a candidate for this type of “medical pain relief,” if you will. 952 more words

Blogging 101