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Thursday Doors: More Brussels

I thought I was done with Brussels for Thursday Doors, but I’m not!

Our last night there we went back to the Grand Place and I took some more door pictures. 217 more words


Give Yourself Time

Everything happens in Divine timing, so therefore, everyone is different and go through things differently. Give yourself time, dear. You’ll get there, just don’t give up. 10 more words


Two sides of podcasting

In Stephen Downes’ OLDaily yesterday, he shared an interesting resource that he found and reviewed.  It was about “How to make your podcast the right length: how long should a podcast be? 620 more words


Juste ce qu'il faut

How much is just enough? Not so long ago, it seemed I was always wanting more: friends, money, success, travel…a new this, an updated that. Now, suddenly, something is different. 583 more words


The Berserker Livestream for December 11 th

Check out this week’s livestream where I discuss editors, covers, and proofreaders.

Order you copy of Joshua and the Shadow of Death today.

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From there to here...

There will be tales to tell, experiences and photographs of wonderful places to share… but for now, I am just back and beginning to catch up on the comments and emails I could not answer while in the north. 65 more words


WATWB - One Man's Trash...

One Man’s Trash

There’s an old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and we know that’s true, otherwise flea markets, yard sales and antique stores would not enjoy the popularity they do, but trash or treasure, the benefits of reuse and recycling are grand, and  482 more words

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On Tuesdays I am reblogging some of my favorite authors. I am finished with the Little Women anthology author series and now I want to highlight my friend PJ Lazos from "Green Life, Blue Water," another We Are the World Blogger. "How about taking stock of everything you desire and finding a way to acquire it that results in a smaller carbon footprint. The planet and future generations will thank you for your efforts."