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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s Friday again.  Soon, once school starts, this will be the day to look forward to for some.  Over the summer, it’s sort of a countdown day.   1,058 more words




Seats filled,
The crowd is glued,
To see me do,
What it is I do,
I make a shot,
The whole place roars,
It’s like I own the building, 45 more words


Unlike the frog and the bear

It comes easy

to the frog snatching a fly

tongue grasping and reeling in

to the bear foraging

or on some unexplained whim

decides to snap salmon… 104 more words


Daily Post - Obvious

Today’s Daily Post Prompts is Obviousand isn’t it obvious I am a little bored. Stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, when I should be out and about shooting? 299 more words


The Thursday Three #28

  1. I don’t know why I feel compelled to apologize for talking about my faith on my own blog, so I won’t apologize. But I will warn my readers that many of my posts in the upcoming months may deal with religious or spiritual matters, so if you don’t care for that or if my faith is not your cup of tea, you now know to scroll very quickly past my posts when they appear in your reader.
  2. 118 more words

The Strain S2 episode 8

Season 2 episode 8 “Intruders”

I feel pretty, oh so pretty- Eichorst likes giving makeovers WAY too much.

I think we can agree that ALL our plans are stupid. 458 more words

Che Gilson


here in this fire I pain
lamenting life’s choices
my failure to believe
my unwillingness to submit

what was life if not mine
a cruel test I’ve come to find… 69 more words