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Bunny in the Grass.

I saw this bunny outside in the grass.

I thought it was an old dead tree branch at first.

I took the photo through the window at full 32x zoom. 32 more words


Episode 342: Wordpress Weirdness!

I know some people have mentioned about missing comments, and other weird happenings on WordPress lately and I have noticed a few odd things myself. 126 more words


Still here!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to inform readers that I am not yet dead, and neither is this blog. Things have been very quiet lately, and I haven’t had much to say for myself. 120 more words


Ripple Effect

Change is in your hands!

Ripple Effect<–CLICK HERE to read full text

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Marking A Milestone

It’s important to mark milestones. Anniversaries, birthdays, deaths, job starts/losses and life transitions are all things that we measure time by. Especially when your blog reaches a new follower count or you have made 500 posts. 25 more words

Tony's Posts


Sunday evening, Cricket’s on,

Lewis lost in Monaco,

My two boys must go to bed,

Bank holiday tomorrow.

And so the evening settles in,

The family’s happy, feeling fine, 14 more words