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Blogging Life: Random Search Terms/Words

I find it entertaining when you can sometimes see what search terms/words a person types in search engines like Google and Yahoo, and these words help magically guide a reader to your blog. 34 more words


And She Did!

Recently, I wrote a blog post “Successful Blog Posts“.  It was in response to a post by Libby Taylor.  I took her original five points, analysed them with respect to “doug…off the record” and added a sixth of my own. 113 more words


#BlogIntroChallenge 10 - The Most Difficult/Challenging Thing About Blogging

Is blogging challenging or difficult? Writing as such is not difficult for me. But blogging is not just the process of “writing”; it comes with interaction and commentary. 441 more words


Honor thy father thy mother 

Mommie dearest is continuously becoming very difficult to live with & very unpredictable that everyday of my life is literally unpredictable and unexpected ,I’ve realized that’s just how she is and can’t change her but as the bible says honor thy father and thy mother it is the right thing to do and it is in the bible ,but why honor a parent or parents who treat you like shit.. 1,099 more words


About me

Blogging 101, Day One

So, a bit about me for my first post as part of the WordPress Blogging 101. I’m not totally new to blogging, I started about 3 years ago with another blog which I moved to self hosted late last year. 140 more words


Shine some light into another writer's or blogger's world today #writers #bloggers

Its really easy to cast some light into another writer’s or blogger’s world today and it doesn’t take much effort on your part.

Both writing and blogging can feel like dark and torturous journeys at times, things can get so bad you find yourself feeling like one of those hobbits making their way to Mordor in Lord of the Rings. 555 more words




Every year Ogden House 50+ Seniors Activity Club and the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society celebrate the multi-cultural heritage of their senior members.  254 more words

Just Me And Some Words