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Mea Culpa... I'm a bad, bad blogger neighbor

For at least a month I have been watching me get further behind in keeping up with the blogosphere. No, scratch that. Not “the” blogosphere, MY blogosphere—the universe comprised of my blog and the blogs of people I follow. 490 more words


Here We Go Again

Hi, welcome to my space!

Ok, this might be the third (fourth? I’m losing count) welcome post I’ve written. Hopefully it will be the last too! 189 more words


You Like Me, You REALLY Like Me

I’m sure I’m not the first (or last) to do this, but I’m doing it ANYWAY.

Whooo hooo, yay me! Thank YOU for every single one of them.


Blogging and Defamation in Nevada

Yesterday I gave a short statement to the Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee regarding a bill making its way through the legislature, Senate Bill 444.  Before I include it here, I wanted to give some background information that I think would be useful to fellow bloggers. 1,411 more words


5 Efficient Steps to Blog Writing

There are basic steps that every blogger takes to increase their traffic and the size of their targeted audience. Listed below, you will source efficient devices to get the most you can out of your blog site. 533 more words


Edited Pictures|Using Pizap Photo Editor

Hi everyone! I have recently been obsessed with editing pictures. If you did not already know, I use Pizap. It is very easy to use and I love creating cool pictures! 148 more words