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Hogwarts in the snow feature.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the studio tour for oooo the 7th time? Maybe the 6th? I have honestly lost count! 477 more words


The Past and Future of Anime Blogging

In many ways, anime blogging is a living relic. Born in the age when “Web 2.0” was a newly coined term and blogging in general was a young and exciting differentiation from the era of fan shrines and webrings, the anime blog was a way for writer-fans to establish an identity outside of enclaves such as forums and livejournal groups. 645 more words

Thought Exercise

My Page Facebook !!

Do follow my “Thoughts of Sho” Page on Facebook for more inspiring quotes and motivating thoughts,  I would be more than glad if you could please review, comments and provide your valuable feedback to help me improve my blogging (writing) skills !! 64 more words

The Beast, the Tiger

Gentle Reader,




Tears leak from my eyes. I’m not fully awake yet. Beads of sweat stand on my brow. Palms clutch the blanket. 869 more words


Resolution #1 Mark Off

Hey guys!

My first resolution was to get a schedule for my blog, so here is my documentation of completing that!

However, I’m not just sharing the schedule for my blog, I went ahead and did one for my YouTube and I’ll share the one for the collab blog: … 225 more words


Late Night Hold Ups

Another late night, another hold up on the M60. And look at the petrol light… AGAIN! Not good for my nerves…

Home now though.

Goodnight God bless.



Do stats matter to you?
They do to me;
I am here to win
The game of making people win;
The more people
I help win, 94 more words