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Reflections on April A2Z...and life

April was a busy emotional roller coaster of a month for me. If I had been gifted with foresight I would not have signed up to do the April A2Z challenge this year. 882 more words

Zip, Zero, Zilch (My Energy Level at the Culmination of #AtoZChallenge)

And so it end, yet again.  Praises be.

So here we are at the end of  three challenge month for me, and I’ve gotta say — it went worse than I hoped, but better than I expected.  557 more words


Zip lock bags

In scouts my son’s nickname was “Jimmy Ziplock” because of his packing technique. I find zip lock type bags to be a life saver. Even though I like things organized I am not particularly gifted at achieving it, and even worse at keeping things organized. 271 more words

Blogging A To Z

#BloggingAtoZ -- Yip Yips

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is watching Sesame Street. I still love it, if I’m being honest. I learned my first word in a foreign language watching… 75 more words

Blogging A To Z


One of my co-workers had to put on her “mom voice” today at work when addressing the kids, and it got us to talking about tone of voice, and how to effectively get through to kids when they were engaging in problematic behaviors.  1,235 more words


say Yes, judiciously

In many situations you have to be careful. Especially in
areas where there are lots of tourists and people who are less than honest
gather opportunistically. 524 more words

Blogging A To Z

#BloggingAtoZ -- Hamilton Exhibition

Okay, for my X post, I’m cheating a little by using the X in Hamilton Exhibition to qualify :-)

Yesterday, the Hamilton Exhibition opened at Northerly Island in Chicago, and my husband and I had tickets to attend. 495 more words

Blogging A To Z