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Blogging A-Z - Zip

This is it! Last day of Blogging A-Z Challenge, where I managed to post something everyday in April, with the exceptions of Sundays, using a letter of the alphabet for each post. 72 more words

Blogging A-Z

Blogging A-Z - Young Adult

Blogging A-Z Challenge: April 29: Young Adult books

One more day to go and I’ve done it!!

One of my favourite genres to read these days is Young Adult, but like X-rated books (previous post) it’s difficult to admit it to some. 181 more words

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Blogging A-Z - X-rated

Blogging A-Z Challenge: April 28 – X-Rated

I’ve never used the term X-rated to describe my books.

I usually say dirty. I write ‘dirty’ books. I use that term because it’s very difficult to know a person’s opinion on erotica unless you see them reading it! 83 more words

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Blogging A-Z - The Wives

Blogging A-Z Challenge: April 27 – W – The Wives

Four more days to go in the challenge!!

Today I’m throwing a bit of attention my way and posting about my novel, … 1,322 more words

Blogging A-Z

Blogging A- Z - Favourite Villains

Blogging A-Z: April 25 – Favourite Villains in Movies

I shouldn’t have expected trouble with this one! I’m sure there will be lots of posts about this subject today!! 79 more words

Blogging A-Z

Blogging A-Z - Technology is a necessary evil

Blogging A-Z: April 23 – T: Technology is a necessary evil.

  Now, I love my smart phone as much as the next person and my computer seems to be permanently attached to my fingers, so I get how necessary technology is to us in this day and age. 172 more words

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Blogging A-Z - Swinger Stereotype

Blogging A-Z – April 22: S – Swinger Stereotype

My Husbands and Wives series is all about swingers, so it’s a no-brainer that S = swingers in the blogging challenge! 566 more words

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