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How To Write A Blog Post That People Will Actually Read.

Hands up emoji who can actually spot me writing away in my favourite arm chair amidst all of our books?
Yep, I live in a house of book worms. 548 more words


My Weapons Of Mass Blogging Organisation

If you’re a blogger, or any kind of content producer (is that a thing? I feel like that’s a thing) then I’m sure you know how difficult it is to actually follow through and do things. 742 more words


How to Make a Live, Clickable Links on Your Posts

Someone asked  me how to make the links they put for their nominees live. This is in reference to blog award posts. However you can use these same steps to make any word or phrase on your post clickable and it will go to whatever site you want. 952 more words


Is Your Blog As Friendly As You Think It Is?

Just imagine it’s your first day here on Planet Blog and you and everyone else with you hears the words “Hands up all those that want 1,000 followers.” What percentage of people in your group do you think would put up their hand? 1,047 more words


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Hugh gives valuable tips and hints on how to get followers on your blog - and keep them.

Blogging - And How I Got it Wrong

I think I’ve had the wrong idea about blogging. When I first started writing a blog it was to introduce myself to others and to get to know other writers/ authors/poets/artists. 921 more words


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Judith is taking action about her blogging and I was thrilled to read that some of the advice she has taken came from me. She is no longer allowing her blogs to live by numbers. Read what plans Judith is putting into place and maybe think about joining her on her quest to make blogging a far more enjoyable experience.

Your 1-Stop Shop for All Your Meet and Greet Needs

It is Sunday and the last day of our Meet and Greet!  Do not delay, click the link below and join in the networking fun!  There are a ton of bloggers here to be found so jump in and leave your link!   35 more words


Sharing is Caring: How Reblogging Helps Others and Yourself

So many of you are catching on to the good and proper use of reblogging.  It is one of the benefits of maintaining a page on the WordPress platform versus the self-hosted route.   231 more words