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Blogging Tips- "Read More" Tag

You might be wondering what’s the “Read More” tag and why would you want to use it? I’m glad you clicked to find out! 747 more words


The Secret To Managing Your Inbox

I have to admit. There is ONE THING that I absolutely hate about being a blogger and that is the UNGODLY amount of emailing we have to do. 892 more words

Blogging Basics

MEDIA KIT, a blogger's portfolio.

Today we are going to discuss ONE of the many things that every wannabe influencer needs and that my friend is a…MEDIA KIT.

Photographers, designers and writers have portfolios and bloggers…well…we have a media kit. 836 more words

Blogging Basics

Blogging Tips- Pingback (Link) Tutorial

This is the first tutorial I’ve written, I hope that you find it helpful. I’ve included pictures whenever possible to help explain in hopes that it helps all of my fellow visual learners out there! 620 more words


Blogging Tips- Readership Tips

In this post I’m going to share a few tips that can improve the experience for readers or increase your followers. These are just tips and my personal recommendation, no need to implement them just wanted you to consider them if you haven’t already.  1,100 more words


Blogging Tips- Blog Lingo

This is the first part of a blog tip series I’ve decided to do. I’m not an expert but I’m more than willing to share what I do know about blogging. 801 more words


Times Per Week?!

This past week I received one of my most favorite questions via e-mail:

“How many times per week should I blog?” 

And honestly, I am not sure why its one of my favorite questions. 547 more words

Blogging Basics