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Private posts vs password protected posts

What happens if I make this post private? How do I allow selected people to view it? Let’s try a couple of ways and see which works best. 187 more words

Blogging Basics

Adding a slideshow to a Wordpress site

One way to add a slideshow is to open a post or page for editing, such as this post.

You will need to give the post or page a name and save it at least once before trying to add a gallery or slideshow. 534 more words

Blogging Basics

What To Blog About

The important thing here would be to look for a market and exploit it completely. Keeping it and deciding a market may be rough to do. 557 more words

Blogging Basics

How To Promote Your Blog

It is important to have a really a post written because without one your articles that will be only produced is not going to achieve its full potential strategy that’s web log only. 1,743 more words

Blogging Basics

How To Create A Blog For Free

Begin blogging.

Once you have completed steps 1-3, you are able to connect the blogosphere and begin releasing articles in your site. You’ll find many more means by which you can personalize your site with plugins, web feeds, blogrolls however, these four easy steps are so that you can take up a website that is straightforward, you should follow. 417 more words

Blogging Basics

Make Your Own Blog

You will get started by pursuing my basic, easy to-follow actions for your won blog. In only a couple of hours, you can begin utilizing a website that is practical, quality whichever your blogging objectives might be or that gets outcomes for the company. 932 more words

Blogging Basics

Starting Your Blog

On this post,  I will discuss some basic ideas that are helpful to help get your creative juices flowing as well as another useful hints that can make sure your post that is blog gets the greatest opportunity for achievement. 1,203 more words

Blogging Basics