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January "Baby Blog" Review

Hey there! For those of you who are new around here, even though this is a baby blog – three months old now! – I’ve been tracking my traffic and expenses and growth goals, trying to see what works and what doesn’t. 1,342 more words


How Changing My Editorial Calendar Changed My Life

I started this blog while looking for cousins who share my love of family history. It’s been really fun connecting with kindred spirits and meeting extended family. 580 more words


The Blogging Challenge . . .

I must admit, blogging does not come as naturally to me as say, writing a travel article or business plan.  Providing value in this forum does not feel as intuitive to me as other forms of expression.   44 more words

Blogging Basics

December "Baby Blog" Review

This is a baby blog. It’s just a little over two months old. And yet I’m tracking my traffic, income and expenses, and growth goals? Why? 1,829 more words


2016: New Year, New Blog, New Snowflake?

Yes, new snowflake.  As a life-long passionate writer, words – and how we put them together to form thoughts – fascinates me.  Language transforms, transports, soothes, scares, informs, embraces, uplifts, humors and expresses in ways powerful and lasting.   195 more words

Are You A Snowflake Writer?

November "Baby Blog" Review

This post is all Kara’s fault. No, seriously. I mean it.

Before her posts, I enjoyed skimming through other bloggers’ monthly income and traffic reports… 1,886 more words


10 Quick & Dirty Blogging Tips

Granted – I’m no xoNicole or ForHarriet (two of my blog-inspirations).  I took a small sabbatical from blogging after my son was born and stepped away from being engaged with the digital world for a while.   1,075 more words