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In Creativity Land, even being Confined to a “Rule”, such as, post only a One Sentence Blog Post, is inspiring and room for getting in and outside the box, in this case the Blog box, and also doing the thing so called “Artists” enjoy, going in and outside the “Conformity” Box, and taking apart that box and remaking it into a different Conformity Box because you can focus on the Inside of the Box and also have fun with the Outside of the Box; who said thinking/being outside the Box had nothing to do with the Box?

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How I arrived at the idea for a "One sentence/Image or 3 images/sentences"!

This post will be long and seem disorganized and many sentences and will be followed by my short posts, my newly invented Blog Prompt (one of the assignments of the blogging class), which is to make posts that are One Sentence Long! 1,742 more words


Day 3 Task

Ok. Start with the funny thing that no matter how much I think I am paying attention, I still manage to be oblivious! I wrote this whole post on the Blogging Class Site’s Draft writing page and even posted it before realizing when it was published that I posted it on the wrong blog! 565 more words


Blogging 201: Day 2's Task: Audit Your Blog

Day 2 was basically about the Appearance of your blog, and learning to both look at and look beyond the obvious, which would be the Title of the Blog and your theme. 504 more words

Artist Identity

Assignment One: Set Three Goals for the Blog

This is the part of the class I enjoy most as it involves thinking, writing, drawing more than widgets, blog appearance, editing. I want to share my goals for this blog as part of this blog’s identity, which involves process and showing my process, more for the sake of engaging in a feeling of excitement and play than anything else. 464 more words

Blogging Class

Blog-Conscious Now

After wasting a lot of time yesterday and this morning trying to figure out mechanics of WordPress in order to arrange images on my post and do other things, I am glad to be in the Blogging 201 class. 711 more words


Serially Lost: How many beautiful pens by Retro 51 will I lose?

Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
Limited Batch 2003
Full-Time Flavor 2004-2012

“From the moment that this oatmeal went
There’s been no end to fans’ lament. 2,071 more words

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