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Poetry Day 8: Flavor Elegy Enumaratio


Hope used to taste like the cinnamon sugar mix on cinnamon sugar toast, The crumbly pastry on the edge of lemon meringue pie, the piece of lobster and butter coming out of the shell you bit into, 216 more words

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Poetry, Day 2: Skin, Prose Poem, Internal Rhyme

Warning: this is kind of intense written from the point of view of someone who suffers from “dermatillomania”, a skin picking compulsion. I am not doing this in real life but I work with patients who have this issue usually due to childhood trauma… In some ways the urges and picking is similar to self cutting behaviors where it’s soothing in some way and people who feel like they aren’t allowed to really be who they are can feel the physical sensation as well as trying to get to dig to some sense of self. 159 more words

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Writing 101: Day 8: Expand a comment

I’m catching up on my assignments for Writing 101. It’s Day 15 but I’m on Day 8!

So I found one of my comments as a reply to someone. 353 more words

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Writing 101, Day 7. "Hook'em with A Quote."

I chose this quote because it came to mind right away. Simple sentences are my new mantra. Life without art is stupid. It is true. It is simple. 439 more words


Writing 101 Day 2 Assignment: Write a List

The list of creative people through history who probably had ADD or ADHD includes Leonardo da Vinci, referred to as the “great unfinisher”, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Vincent van Gogh (whose “distractions he referred to as “abstractions” and Jim Carrey.

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Writing 101 First Assignment: Why do you write? (in one sentence)

I write for me first, to see the words that are inside me, for others, to share the words to the outside world.

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