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How To Craft Powerful Titles in 5 Easy Steps

According to Steve Rayson, Director at BuzzSumo and Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn, the five key elements of content are topic, headline, format, type, and length. 1,548 more words

Blogging Essentials

Why Your Customers Need Your Blog

A few years ago, I went through a series of health scares. The big kind. I found myself overcome with headaches, vertigo, and exhaustion — every day. 644 more words

Blogging Essentials

My blogging & business essentials

Working from home, having my own business and running a blog you can imagine that without certain items, I’d be pretty lost. Try blogging without a phone or a laptop or taking blog photos without a camera. 447 more words


Write Real, Authentic Marketing Content

Become Self-Aware and Realize What You Already Know

Have you ever been in a conversation about something you loved – and because you were passionate about the conversation, you lost track of time? 678 more words

Blogging Essentials

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

If you have a business, a hobby, a craft, an art, or anything you are passionate about, you might wonder what the benefits of blogging for business or for pleasure are. 884 more words

Blogging Essentials

How to Get Verified By Google Webmasters

Yes! We All Need Google Webmasters!

Some business owners wonder if they need to worry about Google Analytics, SEO, and tracking all that data. Well, even if you’re a casual blogger, getting confirmed as an official website on Google can do nothing but help your traffic, and that’s a good thing. 518 more words

Blogging Essentials

New Bloggers, Blogging and Life

If you ever wonder about the purpose of blog posts, read this fascinating article written by a guest blogger.

Is the goal to accumulate lots of Likes and Followers, regardless of connection with other bloggers? 6 more words

Blogging Essentials