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Teaching Squares #sol17

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on a Trig class as part of a pilot program called Teaching Squares. (I have also previously visited an astronomy and zoology class.) While sitting in this class, the following happened: 325 more words

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I am a genius, part II #sol17

Yesterday, it took me five minutes to figure out how to put my underwear on. They are a pair of boyshorts and the label on the inside has gone away, and there is no other way to tell which side is which. 46 more words

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Conversations With My Students #sol17

Today was the last day to withdraw from courses for the spring semester. As I usually do, I had a conversation with my students about what it means to withdraw from a class: what it can do to (or for) their GPA, how it can affect their financial aid, what it might mean when it’s time to transfer. 309 more words

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Eighteen, Part II #sol17

According to the Angel Soft ad that keeps popping up in my Facebook feed, today is National Single Parent Day. A quick Google search shows me this is a real thing… 317 more words

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It's Monday and I have a theme #sol17

This weekend, I had the opportunity to sit with two groups of people, and we spent 20-30 minutes talking about different foods and the gastric distress they now cause us. 674 more words

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CheerĀ for yourself dear,
Don’t let the breeze out your light,
Blow back with a fight.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Breeze & Blow.

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I woke up like this #sol17

I woke up angry today, which is a thing that happens sometimes when I come off of an exhausting week where I don’t have (or make) enough time for myself. 382 more words

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