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Share Your World Week 20

Despite some laziness on my part, this week’s questions from Cee…

What is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school) 86 more words

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Some Of Your Time

Tell me, do you mind?
I could use some of your time.
Pitching lines of mine.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Pitch & Time : https://wp.me/p4y9jb-nJo



Eyes downcast, skies overcast.
Thunder rumbling matching my state,
of mind, minding my  own business.
The lightening mimicking the fire in my eyes.
The bad vibes drifting away in the wind… 11 more words


Share Your World Week 19

My first mini-themed questions

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?
I’ve always lived on a one floor house and always wanted multiple levels. 105 more words

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Charging With Hope

I charge blindly,
enthralled by thoughts of you
and now we’re lovers.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Charge & Lovers.


The Right Thing

You well and know
you don’t want the Earth to be hurt.
The farmers plant & you expect things to grow
how can they? when you abuse the dirt. 31 more words


Share Your World Week 18

Share Your World Week #18

What type of pets do you have or want?  Or do you not want pets?
For the future, I’d want a dog or two. 80 more words

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