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Music and Memories ( #AtoZChallenge )

Many things can tap into our memories and often music can evoke our pasts more so than any other stimulus…

On my own blog Tossing It Out… 395 more words

To the beach! #SOL18

It’s the last day of Slice of Life, and I’m going to have to make this fast because it’s 11:41 p.m., and I just got home, but I want to make the deadline. 407 more words

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I am in a mood #SOL18

I am in a mood, and it started last night, which is why I didn’t do a midnight post for today’s penultimate Slice of Life post. 439 more words

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Deal with it #SOL18

Two updates to yesterday’s post:

1. I got to page 176 of Station Eleven, so didn’t make it to the 200s. Oh well. I probably won’t finish it until this weekend. 422 more words

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Group Contracts #SOL18

Yesterday, I put my students into groups and had them work up their group contracts, which is what I want to talk about in my post. 1,070 more words

Blogging Events

Behind on Everything! #SOL18

Especially posting.

I have a lot to say today since I introduced my students to the group contracts mentioned before and actually, finally wrote up the assignment sheet for their upcoming group assignment. 139 more words

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I finished a book! #SOL18

I was going to say that maybe I had broken my March reading slump, but then I checked how many books I finished last March (five) and realized that I’ll probably finish five books this month. 514 more words

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