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50 Word Story: July

Rain Rain Go Away

Mary Jane and I sat on the grass enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, with reggae playing we chattered, I hadn’t see her in weeks, this was long overdue. 27 more words


A Chance To Laugh

Given a future
Given many chances to laugh,
Given a long life.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Future & Give.


One Day Getaway

I dream of the day,
the day I’ll getaway.
Away to my favourite place.
Not to stay, just for a day,
a day in that beautiful space, 30 more words


Picture Perfect

I saw you, in a cluttered place
my head woozy like outer space.
I couldn’t see the deception,
picture perfect… But you transformed.
Are u a decepticon? 68 more words


Sudden Flight

Nothing worth the gain
you attain by sudden flight
others always hounding.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Gain & Hound.

I feel like writing it out today: 24 more words


One Body

Love the skin you’re in

Involved, skin to skin

It’s not a sin.

Body to body

Not with everybody.

It’s sang in every song

The songs we love to sing. 57 more words


One Beat

Seal it with a kiss

Forever lips entwined

Locked, our hearts gab.

​Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge : Lock & Gab.​

I’m back folks :) with not so pleasant news but I’ll make another post for that.