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Okay, Aaron, I’ll play.  The Confusing Middle posted this:  could be fun. Take the first letter of your first name, then write answers based on the following list. 114 more words


Chicken Outlaw

My recent post, my buddy Paul over at the attic, made some comments about his having numerous kids he lost count.  When I stated they were running amok, and why a state-wide/nation-wide notice wasn’t sent warning us…he stated some made the Top Wanted list, while others were the honor students referenced on other people’s bumper stickers. 104 more words

Over 40

Gifted With a Brand New Award

Maria from Stockholm, Sweden gifted me with an award this morning. It is called the Real Neat Blog Award.


Maria held the Blog of the Year in 2012. 264 more words


Burglars posing as Burglars?

Burglars posing as Burglars?

You don’t say?  Tip to the homeowners:  If someone arrives to your house with a toilet scrubber, but dressed similar to Hamburglar, don’t let  them in or expect to have some things missing.  Just sayin’


Happy 1st Birthday CowHeartGirl!

I know, I know, it’s been well over a year since Cow Heart Girl actually started, more like 2 and a half, but for me, I feel like my journey into the blogging world started properly a year ago today, when I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress. 811 more words


Baby Belly Cake


What is this?  For the love of GOD. Cruising images on internet and this comes up… so it looks like a real baby? If it is, then someone did some crazy photo shopping that is way bizarre and disturbing. 41 more words


Think Outside the box - discovering a learning disability

This is a follow up to my earlier post this morning, pertaining to my son’s issues with school and his diagnosed/undiagnosed learning disability(ies).

Where to start, this process is all so over-whelming. 639 more words