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Sharing because this is brilliant

Years ago when message boards, and blogs were the social media of the day one of the tips I saw, and supported was practicing machine quilting for 20 minutes a day really adds up over time. 206 more words


The World We Live In

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My summer reading arrived

If you have written a book,

I have an autumn vacation

so don’t despair. . .

I’ll be ordering more

books to read!

This group is going to be read… 182 more words


I'm Moving Soon

Not long now and I will be Moving into a New Home, I’m still Packing, with Ron, Nick and some of my friends helping me but with having had an accident recently on my Mobility Scooter and tearing the Tendons in my shoulder I’m finding it a bigger job than I had anticipated and at times very painful. 219 more words

Messages From The Heart

Mystery Blogger Award I, II & III // The Best Questions Yet

The weekend is almost here, which means it’s time for another blog award! I have a lot of them to catch up on, so I’m going to lump some together. 606 more words


By Association

Kurt brings us Around The Smart Horn.   (aka “The 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter”)

Blogging has introduced me to some very interesting people.   123 more words

Another Accident - Prayer Needed

Dear Blogging friends once again I need your Prayers which I value greatly, I had another Accident on my Motorized Wheelchair which was very similar to the one I had last year, I believe there may be something wrong with the suspension as they are not suppose to topple over. 360 more words

Messages From The Heart