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Meeting Miriam

I’ve let blog milestones pass without mention but this one cannot go unshared. This week for the first time, I met one of the bloggers I follow. 305 more words


Update - Prayer Needed

Thank you my Blogging friends for your Prayer Support, I very much appreciate your faithfulness. Today I go into Hospital for the two Procedures that hopefully will find out why I’m internally bleeding, the preparation for these was very intensive and I’m feeling very weak. 40 more words

Messages From The Heart

Online life becoming your real life

Have you ever considered how your online interactions are influencing your personal life?

Melissa and I first started speaking some time ago now (I can’t even remember when/how, sorry Melissa), we had similarities that helped to start our friendship. 339 more words


If any of you lacks wisdom...

And so the world beats on…some trusting in chariots, some in horses, some in self- while God has given us the divine privilege of trusting in Him. 570 more words


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A Great Message with much Truth Beholdinghimministries Thank you for sharing the importance of asking for God's Wisdom, we know it is the Principle thing with God's empowering by The Spirit in understanding His Truth. Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get Wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding. Christian Love and Blessings - Anne.

It's My Birthday

Today is 26th of December in Aussie Land and it’s my Birthday, being Born on Boxing day or I should say Night, I was born at Midnight, they say that means the Moon is under my feet? 278 more words

A Life That Is Blessed

Finding Merry

To my WP friends the world over, those who celebrate and those who do not, know that you have enriched my life. May the blessings of health, contentment, and peace be yours.


Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings to all my blogging friends. Hope to catch up with you all in the New Year.

Norma x