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Baby Belly Cake


What is this?  For the love of GOD. Cruising images on internet and this comes up… so it looks like a real baby? If it is, then someone did some crazy photo shopping that is way bizarre and disturbing. 41 more words


Think Outside the box - discovering a learning disability

This is a follow up to my earlier post this morning, pertaining to my son’s issues with school and his diagnosed/undiagnosed learning disability(ies).

Where to start, this process is all so over-whelming. 639 more words


Invited to Coffee - Celebrate my 1 month blog-o-versary

Hi, all!

Guess what?  It’s time to celebrate my blogs’ 1-month blog-o-versary.  Two actions requested of you, my readers/pals please answer in comments.

Action 1) 501 more words


Introducing Bob and Sophie

This is just a quick post, to let you into the secret of one of my favourite blogs…

If you like dogs, gentle humour and tales of… 31 more words

Blogging Friends

Random Thoughts while showering

My mind always at work, random thoughts while I got ready this morning:

#1) Rub-a-dub-dub- 3 men in a tub:   While playing around with rhyming on my last few posts, this popped into my head.  317 more words


5 Minutes, Please

Don’t you hate it when this happens:

Everyday, after picking kids up from school, I can’t go to the bathroom without being disturbed.  My kids are no longer toddlers, yet at 9 and 11, they can’t leave me alone.  222 more words


10 things I am fond of - clever marketing

It surprises me the things that make me smile when it comes to products.  Here are some things I just “heart” count down from 10 to #1 favorite – that I can’t completely understand why… clever marketing at it’s finest: 553 more words