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318. Out of Sorts

There are those days when you are not yourself but can’t quite put a finger on the reason why. You will be irritable, a little dejected, and, although there doesn’t seem to be anything definitively wrong with you, not quite up to par. 420 more words



When did the tables turn again?
Why am I here? To only then
be there.

There is no middle way
Momentum leads
that luxury astray. 15 more words



O for open: open water and open heart, for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

I kept thinking O for ocean, but the photos that I want to use are not of the ocean but of a lake. 389 more words


Lessons Learned from Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act – commonly referred to as Obamacare – has been in place for a few years now. Despite the ominous warnings from the ACA’s opponents, it has not caused a shutdown of the United States government, nor the complete destruction of the health care industry. 1,346 more words


317. The Nick

If you’re a user of British English, a trouble-maker, or just plain unlucky, you’re likely to be familiar with getting nicked, being in the nick… 323 more words


O-Orthodox observer

Oblong clouds fly past my view
as I lie here on my grassy pew.
The preacher man a wild fig tree.
A nesting dove his devotee. 13 more words


M is for Mermaid (Fairy Tale Spotlight A-Z)

Koi Mermaid by Bamfette

I love this image by Canadian artist Jill Johansen (deviant art account: Bamfette) so much that I might just need to own it. 121 more words

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