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Here's how to balance blogging and your day job perfectly

According to Technorati, up to 64% of bloggers are classified as Hobbyists and another 13% are Part-Timers. It would be good if every blogger could devote 100% of his/her working hours to blogging but realistically not all of us are full-time bloggers.  278 more words

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If you do this your blog will not grow

Every blogger wants a responsive, irresistible, if possible, money making blog. However, there are a few things you do that can affect the growth of your blog. 193 more words

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The Ultimate Guide To blogging using wix

Website logging is one of lots of the ways persons are producing a killing on-line lately. It is best and popularly recognized and coined as Website. 759 more words

5 Easy Facts About blogging vocabulary Described

World-wide-web logging is among many the methods men and women are producing a killing over the internet nowadays. It is best and commonly recognized and coined as Weblog. 808 more words

Your blog is a brand; treat it as such

We know there are many reasons why you could have started your blog.  For a lot of people, they started their blog because they needed something, somewhere to document their thoughts and words but as time goes on you will realize that there is more to your blog than just documenting your thoughts.  238 more words

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