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Foodie Tuesday: Nuts about 'Em All

I’ve been MIA here for long enough. Long enough to have a really dandy hiatus and enjoy my break from daily blogging. Long enough to think it’s time to get back in regular practice with my readin’ and writin’ skills. 475 more words


Please Forgive Me For Being A Rolling Stone

They say a Rolling Stone gathers no moss.  So, I guess that makes me a rolling stone.  Personally, I think the term is a metaphor for something that is always moving or changing.  1,965 more words

Renovative Rebranding

Everything Must Go

First it was goodreads.

Well, obviously. What else could it be, knowing me. It’s cluttered with nearly everything everyone’s ever recommended. Friends, acquaintances, even enemies. Even the site’s own recommendations based on what you’ve already read. 930 more words


Unfinished drafts and unpublished posts

Today marks two weeks since I last published a blog post. I’m sorry. I had the time to write more than ever, yet I was uninspired by posts I’d planned to finish, and too nervous to post ones that I had. 250 more words

Who am I?

If that doesn’t immediately make you think of Les Miserables then you’re probably a better person than I am.

There was one pretty big reason that it took me a while to come back to the blog.  639 more words


Blogging Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Recently I have not been posting as much on my blog. At first it was because I was working on my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, but now since I’ve finished it, I’ve been hit with a severe case of writer’s block for blogging. 65 more words

Reader's Corner

Blogger Reboot.....Please Hold **Cue elevator muzak **

It happened yesterday. I was writing a post for my blog and it just wasn’t coming. I also had an overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed. Like I was standing in the middle of a giant bowl of uncooked bread dough. 185 more words