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Mini-hiatus & some news!

Hey lovely people!

I have been so rubbish. After writing a whole post about blogging consistency, goals and setting aside time to post I have (somewhat unsurprisingly…) not taken my own advice and gotten mega waylaid. 138 more words

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The Run Down: Hiatus Update

Guess who will officially be rejoining the blogsphere after this Friday!

That’s right. As of Friday, I will officially be off hiatus with some new fun stuff! 259 more words


The Rundown: Blogging Hiatus

This hopefully won’t be for very long.

My lovely HP Pavillion has decided to finally have its last straw with my life. It’s not dead. I can technically still use it, but it’s got a list on it so long that I could literally chunk it at a wall if I didn’t need it for all the crap I have saved on it. 47 more words


Mini-Hiatus Announcement

I need some alone time. I need some time to process. I need…I don’t know. After a terrible night’s sleep, after I woke up realizing that last night’s election results were not in fact a nightmare, I feel so disheartened. 526 more words

The Hiatus is Over!

My blogging hiatus is official over! For those unaware, I took the last week off from blogging, but it’s a new day and I’m ready to dive back in. 122 more words

Officially on Hiatus!

It’s official, today marks the first day of my blogging hiatus. If you haven’t heard, I decided it was about time I took a week off from blogging. 96 more words

Breaking The Blog Hiatus

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write a blog post; the last post was uploaded on July 6th! Truth be told, I’ve had the busiest but most amazing summer for the past 4 months. 70 more words