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Bloggers, Unite!

The blogging world is a weird one indeed. It started as essentially an online diary, an extension of Myspace if you will, and now it’s become a multi-million dollar cash flow for bloggers and influencers alike.  623 more words

The Everyday Gal's Blog

Is Blogging Fake? Why I'm Tired of the Tactics & Games in this Industry 

I feel like this post has been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time now, itching to come out, and yet, after finally writing it all down, I hesitated before hitting publish. 908 more words

All About Me

Blogging Predictions for the Next 10 Years

I wrote about the future of blogging earlier this year, and it was well received. I wrote about how much I think the blogging industry would be further diversified, and thrive with increased interdependence and social media. 348 more words

Lifestyle: Why Bloggers Run The World

In a totally unbiased way, I can, as a blogger say that the blogging industry is currently determining the way the world works (yep not biased in any way or form). 687 more words


blogger recognition award

📷 from tumblr: ultimate90s

I am genuinely honored to be nominated with the said award. It’s overwhelming. Even if this may be just a small thing for some, it still warms my heart and means a lot to me. 677 more words