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On Influencers and Blogging

I previously had this long draft post about influencers. The whole point of the blog post was there are some who just live their lives, influencing others, even if they aren’t really influencing others for the better. 477 more words


Lifestyle: 10 Tips for Starting a Blog

Deciding to start blogging is a big and exciting decision. Blogging has a fantastic impact on readers and on bloggers themselves, as it’s a great way to share information, ideas and passions. 481 more words


Bloggers, Unite!

The blogging world is a weird one indeed. It started as essentially an online diary, an extension of Myspace if you will, and now it’s become a multi-million dollar cash flow for bloggers and influencers alike.  623 more words

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Is Blogging Fake? Why I'm Tired of the Tactics & Games in this Industry 

I feel like this post has been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time now, itching to come out, and yet, after finally writing it all down, I hesitated before hitting publish. 908 more words

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