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The Elite of the Blogging World

Following on from yesterdays post, I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my blogging favorites. They are mainly beauty bloggers as that is my obsession but they do not belong only to this genre. 631 more words


Lifestyle: Why Bloggers Run The World

In a totally unbiased way, I can, as a blogger say that the blogging industry is currently determining the way the world works (yep not biased in any way or form). 687 more words


blogger recognition award

📷 from tumblr: ultimate90s

I am genuinely honored to be nominated with the said award. It’s overwhelming. Even if this may be just a small thing for some, it still warms my heart and means a lot to me. 677 more words


4 Types Of Bloggers The Industry Really Doesn't Need

Once you become used to the habits and behaviours of your fellow bloggers, it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s genuinely in it for the love of blogging and who’s reasons are a little less than sincere/worthy of respect. 861 more words