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Taking a Step Back from Blogging and Setting Myself a Schedule

Since starting my small blogging adventure, I have been good at publishing posts every week (somewhat consistently) and keeping the heartbeat of my blog going with (not a lot to some, but certainly a lot to me) traffic activity. 489 more words


5 Lessons I Learned on Blogging (Five-year Blogging Anniversary!)

I started this blog five years ago today.

I had no plans of becoming a writer. In fact, I hated English class all the way through college. 670 more words


Hello, World!

Back in mid-April of this year I made the bold (well, bold for me) decision to start a blog. And I never properly did one of those “Introduce Yourself to the World” posts where you talk a bit about yourself and why you decided to start a blog in the first place. 823 more words


What I've Learned From Blogging So Far...

When I started blogging in January this year, I did have some experience of the blogging world. I have had a tumblr blog for around 3 years now, and contributed to my Uni course’s WordPress several times. 478 more words

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How to Get Rid of Blogging Burnout

This is a LONG DELAYED post on my reflections from a workshop I attended with Martine de Luna last September 2014 on Blissful Blogging : How to Get Rid of  Blogging Burnout”. 351 more words


November Remember

November was a crazy month.  I hate myself a bit for using a rhyming title, but it was that crazy.

Learned a lot, wrote a lot, had some fun.  176 more words


Challenges of sharing a mother daughter blog

Bungalow lil and I share a blog, we both write so it seemed like a good idea to market to the widest possible crowd, both her friends and mine. 244 more words