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Identity crisis

It has occurred to me that my bloggy pals are calling me by different names. I am Gillian, I am chicken46, I am PaperPuff and I am paperfluff. 158 more words

5 Silly Blogging Mistakes to Watch Out [Infographic]

If you’ve just started your blog, it can at times get to you and in the process you tend to make silly mistakes that can be easily avoided! 106 more words

Blogging mistakes

So I have only been at this blogging thing a few months, at most, so I am no expert whatsoever. Regardless, I am well aware that there are a lot of things that I don’t do right, or things I should do that I don’t, etc. 694 more words


Blogging Blunders: Don’t Regress in 2016!

We’re now more than a month into a new calendar year—and a new chance for your company to excel in its blogging endeavors.

Don’t blow it. 382 more words

Social Media

My 5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Hello internet!

Recently, I was scrolling through some of my old posts and reminiscing on all of the memories that I’ve made over the last two and a half years of blogging but also reflecting on just how far I’ve come with my blogging. 853 more words

So the duck says...

This has been a month of wins and losses.  It’s not the end of the month yet, but I figured it was time to lay them all bare.  1,078 more words


Are You Killing Your Blog With These Mistakes?

I read an article recently that said 81% of bloggers never make a dime through their blog. If you are building your brand or promoting something with your blog make sure you are not doing these 3 mistakes to keep you from making that cash! 321 more words