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Blogging on the Go

Between travel, work, school, being with my cousins and all of the moving, I had to figure out how I could blog without being at a computer all of the time. 987 more words


Blogging with no internet - a bit difficult

So I usually try to post twice a week, maybe three times. Friday is the day when I absolutely must post something, being the last day of the week and all, and last Friday I was getting ready to type. 339 more words


The Mobile Version of Wordpress Needs to Die

Or at least be updated. Fast.

While in the United States this summer I didn’t take my laptop. This was a decision that made sense at the time – I didn’t want to be travelling around with not only that extra weight but also that extra worry. 439 more words


I hate shitty apps.

Does anyone else find that the WordPress app for Android sucks? I had downloaded it again yesterday morning, having deleted it because it was just irritating the first time I had it, and I had high hopes that it would maybe have been sorted but it was ten times worse than before. 75 more words


Why a common reader's blog?

Because it is a thought I had ever since high school: that we lost that fresh look upon literature – the way we read, the way we perceive literature, our choices in terms of books are pretty much determined by what others read, what others say about books. 174 more words

Lady of Leisure

So I’m officially a lady of leisure again!
Always have been one but in 2 weeks’ time I shall be running around the hospital like a mad blur medical student once again! 629 more words


The Advantages of Blogging with a Samsung Chromebook in 2014

When I blog, I’m normally using my mid-2010 MacBook Pro that I got for Christmas three years ago. I absolutely adore my Mac but I’ve came across flaws over the past few years. 554 more words