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Sacrifices of Love

I published this a while ago on here, but felt that once again it is really relevant to my life.

“Loving him is exhilarating.

You are leaving me, 242 more words


Happy Easter!

Because I feel that an Easter post is a necessary one, here it is! Happy Easter! My Easter will be spent with my family, but mostly Mike and his girlfriend. 463 more words



I feel like I don’t belong. My parents don’t know me. One minute I’m home sick to see my brother, the next I’m there and I feel like and am treated like an outsider by my parents. 441 more words


Lullaby of Dangerous Hope

In the movie the Titanic usually people cry. If you don’t already know (though I’m sure you do) the ship sinks, lots of people die and it’s sad. 804 more words



I just wanted to thank all 33 of my followers for following my blog! I was going to make this post at 30 but my followers crept up just a little bit since I realized I had hit that mark this morning! 142 more words


Victim of my Mind

Never have I been presented with an event in which I have found more comfort in the unknown opposed to one of the possible outcomes. I always used to say, if I had a chronic illness I would want to know when my time would come. 475 more words