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Would you rather...?

I was recently tagged by my friend Mia in a “Would you rather …” blog hop that is going around. I do like a good blog hop, especially with something as easy as answering some questions so here goes… 448 more words


When my brain shuts down, simplicity is key.
I still get something done, boom, a sense of success. So I decided to go for a simpler blogging prompt..

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Do you still keep the sugar in the right spot?

In January of this year I blogged about the importance of keeping your blog clean and up-to-date, and used an example of how my sister could not find the sugar in my kitchen when she was visiting me, while for me it was obvious where I kept it. 245 more words

Second Life

Touched by beatific blog-ness

Why did I choose my blog name?

Well, I suppose I want something that reflects my courageous quest to fully embrace the deep, rich complexities of my womanly soul; something that speaks to my desire to delve into the recesses of my consciousness, divining it’s true wisdom in order to unveil my…my… 59 more words

Daily Prompt

Machinima, how about adding some life to your blog!

Yes. I am going to talk about machinima, or: short online videos you can produce when in Second Life. Social Media as a whole is a very visual world. 858 more words

Blogger's Thoughts

Forever a Student!

This metamorphosis of myself and my blog is very, very hard. I’m trying to find new and exciting things to write about, but I’m coming up short. 362 more words


Daily Prompt: A Dog Named Bob

  Daily Prompt: You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob. 310 more words

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