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Best Books

via Avid

“Learn to love them, read them to yourself over and over again, so that not only the stories but the paragraphs, sentences and even words become familiar to you.”
Samuel Roth

Walk and Write

via Daily Prompt: Territory

Sea is a journey for me. Voyage. Can you step in a vast and unknown territory, not having any strict map, guided just by trust and intuition, by passion and curiosity, yet still feel safe, like at home? 222 more words


When I'm Not by the Sea

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Where am I when I’m not by the sea or in our house and yard? I’m more likely by the river, which is two minutes walk from my door. 274 more words

Blogging Challenge

"Snotgreen Sea"

via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

“Imagine you are sitting on a boat out at sea and a friend asks you the following question: 
288 more words

15 Years Later

via Photo Challenge: Atop

Sometimes you can feel atop when you don’t know a thing. You can feel atop when you are 17. Although it wasn’t that simple. 220 more words


My Special Sea Monster

via Photo Challenge: Wish

Why not to use this beautiful story of Ema or small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshippers write their prayers and wishes, and to leave my own  196 more words


30 Days of Blogging Day 1

Hey Guys!

We are going to do a new thing this month. I see it as a way to keep me posting on a daily basis, as well as a way or you to get to know me and maybe  to ind new topics to write about. 61 more words