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On Having Pointless High Expectations For Yourself

I had to take a break just now because other work overwhelmed me and it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow and I have to prepare for that. 252 more words

30 Days Of Blogging Challenge

To Prefer or Not to Prefer

“What do you prefer,” the waiter asked? It was early, too early, to make any decisions, even about juice. “Would you like our special mix of Orange, Mango, Pineapple, or just Orange? 652 more words


30 Days of Blogging Challenge

In the past I’ve had projects. And not just a few. I had visions of creating my very own content but I always limited myself to one outlet, one product. 297 more words

30 Days Of Blogging Challenge

Can you recommend some blogging prompts?

Well, we made it.  We’ve left our yacht Fandancer in Greece for the winter.  She’s in the boatyard and we flew back to London on Sunday, then took a coach, a train, a catamaran ferry then another train to get to our home in… 353 more words


Bloggy Changes

Changes are hard, aren’t they? First you’ve got to deal with the difficult decision to make changes (assuming you’re in control of them – not being in control is a totally different beast), and then there’s actually going through with them. 343 more words


30 Days of Blogging Day 1

Hey Guys!

We are going to do a new thing this month. I see it as a way to keep me posting on a daily basis, as well as a way or you to get to know me and maybe  to ind new topics to write about. 61 more words


Conventional Wisdom

In the header image, artist Antonio Guijarro Morales reinterprets the famous Diego Velázquez painting “Las Meninas” with anthropomorphic cats as the subjects.

In “

276 more words
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