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Why I Love Blogging Schedules {The Pros and Cons + Should You Have One?}

I love blogging schedules.

Without them, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post right now. ;)

However, they aren’t for everyone. Today I’m going to be sharing the reasons I personally love blogging schedules, and then talk about some of the cons as well. 1,414 more words


6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wordpress

Blogging is the most amazing and at the same scariest things you can do. Once you make the decision to blog it is so many questions that you need answers to. 516 more words

My First actual experience as a Vlogger

This experience is probably one of the most BEST experience in 17 years of my existence.  I go to the mall and I did interview some people about their thoughts and opinions about the… 611 more words

Facts About Me

I'd Hate to be the One to Tell You, but You've Gotten Boring.

I was speaking to my editor the other day, as we had a phone meeting regarding my new Zarah book… When we got on to the topic of social media and, in particular, the publishing company’s private Facebook page. 1,593 more words


What to Blog About When You Have Nothing to Blog About

Some people blog on an ad hoc basic, while others try to put up at least one post during X amount of time.

But sometimes, you just realize, “Hey, I have nothing interesting to talk about today.” 343 more words

Blogging 101: Say More with Pictures

Adding photographs to your post is so easy and now with the use of mobile phone cameras it’s never been easier. It’s so easy to synchronise devices to desktops now there really is no excuse. 474 more words


How To Unapologetically Run Your Blog

First and foremost, you need to know that your content is just as good as anyone else’s. Everyone is different, everyone writes differently, and that is okay. 694 more words