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3 Blogging Rules Meant To Be Broken

Some rules are meant to be broken they say, and when it comes to blogging, this saying is so true. When I started blogging three years ago, I read so many blogging tips, and I thought I needed to follow every tip, to make it as a blogger. 681 more words


Blogger Recognition Award

I am honored and excited to be nominated by the beautiful Savannah from Beauty Bunny. If you haven’t met Savannah yet, then go visit her blog! 710 more words


How not to ruin a blog

Do you read other people’s blogs?

Rule #1. To write excellent blogs you must read excellent blogs.

We learn by example, observing. We also need to experience quality in order to develop our taste. 306 more words

Blogging Tips

20 Blog Post Ideas

It happens to the best of us! When the time comes for you to write a blog post and you frazzle your brain with ideas and you hit that wall. 335 more words


SEO Understanding Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are the conjunctions used to separate keywords when searching. In a search, these conjunctions (and, and not, not) provide the user with more refined and relevant results. 230 more words

The (Un)Healthy Lives of Otaku Bloggers

Watching anime, reading manga, and blogging about these two are all very sedentary activities.  Unless you’re one of those superhumans who do aerobics while watching anime, or lift barbells while reading manga, or even sweat it all out in a bootcamp while blogging; all the rest of us normal human beings can only do one activity at a time without losing focus. 1,445 more words