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Room 101

Attention all readers!!!

I am asking you all to get involved with what I write. By that I mean, giving me your opinions on the subjects I am writing about; also offering me ideas for the subjects I choose to write about. 592 more words


Leaving Madrid

Now it is 2015, it’s a good time to share with my readers that my life is going to undergo some serious changes.

Let me also state that this has nothing to do with any New Year resolutions. 728 more words

Guest Writers

What meets the EYE

“First impression is the last impression”

Truly said. But what exactly do you search for in that first impression? Now a days we humans are so drawn to the outer beauty, that nobody actually pays heed to what lies within. 197 more words

Step Up

In today’s world, with politics and corruption and so much going on, we humans just sit back and complain. Sure, it’s not like we can single handedly change the world. 181 more words


Instant Blogger

What I’ve learned is there is no such thing as an instant blogger. You might start instantly blogging at some point in time, but that doesn’t make you an instant blogger. 413 more words

Comments Requested: 10 Qualities required in a Politician

Listening to a debate about the new water charges in Ireland prompted this satirical paragraph.

10 qualities needed to be a politician:

 (if you are Irish it is understood that you may choose to disregard this list and stand for election.) 180 more words


The Napkin's Odyssey...A Christmas Story Part 5 Final Chapter

I’ve done several writings on how to end this short story.  It’s been difficult, to say the least.  What message did I want to convey?  And I wanted to keep it simple and encourage everyone to perhaps reach out just a little more.  879 more words

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