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Fun Friday; When it Gets Twisted!

If you’re into riddles, or like a way to challenging yourself; try your hand with my riddle. If you rather a fun, but also a meaningful story? 453 more words


Black Friday Online Deals

Did anyone find any awesome online Black Friday deals today? Care to share with moi? I’ve been casually browsing throughout the day but I really haven’t found any sales that are worthy of purchasing, or sharing. 47 more words


Common Law of Attraction Mistakes Part 1

Understanding the law of attraction is fundamental to manifesting your biggest dreams and desires. When done right, manifesting can feel effortless …

Common Law of Attraction Mistakes Part 1

#Haiku: “Melancholy Autumn”

This week’s theme for Colleen’s poetry challenge is a haiku written by Sue Vincent:

clouds cover the moon,
beyond dawn's pale horizon
sun rises unseen  
©2020 Sue Vincent  … 359 more words

happiness relies on others...

There is something about modernity and what we value now; Our importance in morality has shifted;
There is a general lack of compassion, a lack of interest in others , a lack of interest in connection; 53 more words


Friday Five (puppy rescued from alligator edition)

We have reached the final Friday in November. This didn’t post in the early morning as usual because I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and when my husband and I both ate too much, and I took two naps, and I tried to get some serious word count completed for my NaNoWriMo. 842 more words


The Ridiculous Burger

My first post will be dedicated to my Friday night food combining special. I love the convenience of a rustlers burger but, don’t you wish they had a bit more flavour? 146 more words