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Oh Captain, My Captain

In four days I start Nanowrimo because I’m a little insane like that and I like to put the pressure up to full blast. I’m not scared or nervous or even feeling like I’m bat-shit crazy for doing this. 243 more words


Change before change

I don’t hear the leaves rustle, no sire, no more,

Living in the world of silence; what for.

Stars that used to twinkle once, simply disappeared, 51 more words


20 WordPress Plugins to Get Your Website Up & Going Faster (4 min read)

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast.

WordPress SEO by Yoast has recently been named the top plugin for WordPress users. This plugin functions as a complete optimization platform for the user’s page content. 1,066 more words


Got An Instagram? Leave It Below! We'll Try & Follow Everyone Who Does!

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Free & open to anyone and everyone who would like us to! We’ll try to follow everyone we can! You’re also welcome to leave your website address too!  200 more words


7 WordPress Plugins That Will Help Increase Your Website Traffic (3 min read)

1.  Sharebar

Sharebar is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin that syncs with the big social media outlets so that visitors can easily share your content. The Sharebar links your article or site page to the person’s social media and creates a connection between their accounts and your site. 877 more words


Halloween Movie Favorites

Halloween is upon us and one of the things I love most about this holiday is the scary movies! Adam and I love to cuddle up and watch scary movies together so I thought I would put a list together of my top favorites for you to enjoy over the weekend. 993 more words