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Hever Castle

Hever Castle

Spent a few days with my parents down in East Sussex visiting my Auntie and Uncle, where we went to the local gardens, Hever Castle, a game of golf, a meal out and plenty of card and board games. 433 more words


House Painting is like Math...

This summer my husband and I had specific goals for a number of house painting projects.  All the projects were outdoors, our shutters, front porch and back porch.   593 more words

Life Learning

Happy Saturday!

Good morning everyone,

Hope you’re all off to a good start today!  I just wanted to thank all of you who prayed for me and sent well wishes.  103 more words


Things — identifiable objects, products, goals with clear labels and price tags, men you’ve known for five minutes — make such a handy repository for hungers, such an easy mask for other desires, and such a ready cure for the feelings of edgy discontent that emerge when other desires are either thwarted or unnamed.

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I have found this blog today and am excited about this writer :) This is a great post about body image. Having body dysmorphia (maybe having had BDD, in past tense,) body image has been quite a psychological life wreaker for me. I have many BEAUTIFUL STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS friends with eating disorders-it's so sad. Since when did a soul be defined by their external appearance? Who decided that? I talked to a male friend about this a few nights ago, and he asked about my BDD and I got tongue tied, like COMPLETELY. I'm a confident big mouth blogger, but I can't talk about this. I have the distorting body goggles on myself, all the damn time. I sit typing aware of the fatness of my body-HUGE I am, so I think anyway. And all those lumps and bumps in the wrong places. I turn to sex to make myself feel less sickened by my body. If my body gives pleasure to my man, it has purpose. Sex distracts me-I can't be 'that' disgusting can I if people wanna have sex with me? That's my antidote. Sex for pleasure, but also a cover for deep SHAME. I know and many of my followers know why I am like this. Inner beauty? Soul beauty? Is your soul fat or thin? Wtf! What a stupid thing to ruin our lives over, but many of us do it and let this happen. Reading this post I know I am not alone, and that is why I read-to know I am not alone xxx


Another Saturday.. another dollar. Or pound, as is my currency.

Have a good on! I would rather be here… I would.

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A letter to the people dying in unnecessary anticipation.

Hey you. Realise that there are so many people around who wish to talk to you, several people who are dying to be friends with you, several people who wish to live your life and wear your shoe for a day. 57 more words


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