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Day Three: My Favorite Store

This one’s a difficult one. I’m a shopaholic! It really depends on what I’m looking for! So I’ll just make a list of favorite stores based on categories. 81 more words

Coming Home...

Back in London, sitting at my new beloved place, White Mulberries, I had this thought; traveling is like coming home. Every time it’s a different home. 257 more words


My thoughts on co-parenting

The word co-parenting leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have been the sole care provider to my 20 month old daughter since the day she was born. 196 more words

Ze Blogging

“Oh god,” she said. “I hate blogging.”

I used to hate blogging too. I used to hate the name of blog.

Her hair was unkempt, in the traditional sense. 43 more words


A right to vote

NaBloPoMo Writing prompt: Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Do you always exercise your right to vote? Why or why not?

In my humble opinion, voting is as important as doing your taxes. 97 more words


blogs i've encountered

half the blogs I see under the tags I like are all written in some kind of poetry form or how writers describe things in their books. 76 more words


One-Liner Wednesday

This is one of the areas, where I walk and practize with Odin daily here in Spain

All of us have a lot to say – but we do also need someone to listen…..

18 more words