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JOURNAL: 2016.07.24

I’m nearly finished in setting up my new desktop operating system, Knoppix. The last thing left for me to do is to personalize the desktop itself and the applications I use, but this is a task that I can do now slowly in the coming days. 606 more words


Change the world.

There’s this comical notion that well all need to change the world, or leave an impact so that we are somehow immortalised.

But how do we achieve something on such a grandeur in a world of over 7.4 billion (and counting)? 701 more words


Straight To Hell

Sometimes I start these blogs in a conversational tone, I like the reader to feel they are being talked to rather than at. Not today though, today you are getting a brain dump. 813 more words

I'm No Nutrition-ista

Listen.  I know what I do for a living.  I know the expectations of others when they see me in the office, at church, at the grocery store and in the liquor store (just kidding, I never go to the liquor store). 464 more words


I'm back!

Hi guys!

For those who have enjoyed my blog and supported me while I ramble, share food and photos – thank you!

…and sorry! I know I’ve been very much MIA; part of me thought it might be time for me to say goodbye to tangertalks and start afresh… but today I was looking through my baby blog and felt inspired again. 162 more words

Ramblings W/ Tanger

I've just been reminded...

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