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Valentines Day aside, I think ‘love’ is a good place to start this.

The whole impetus behind me beginning this blog lies in ‘love’. The title  110 more words


Positive Quote of the Day ~ February 14th

I have chosen to use this quote as a Positive Quote, because it got me thinking… this is true.

Have a blessed day all. <3


Emperor of the Northern Wastes

My response to MindLoveMiesery’e Menagerie Writing Prompt #146 “The Emperor”

Luis Royo

Emperor Of the northern wastes Of snow and ice Hot springs and bubbling pools Is nobody’s fool Sovereign of silence and steam Echoing below his feet A jet of water Hisses Erupts And crystallises Around the royal seat

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day

  1. Well its that wonderful time of year again where couple get a chance to show their love for each other on a grand scale.  The sweethearts own this day 14 days into February where they can express their love for each other through flowers, chocolate, hallmark cards and anime.
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The debate is REAL

Been struggling with this whole blogging thing.  Obviously because its been 20 days since I promised to post.  Here’s the debate.  WHAT do I write about??   111 more words

Things to do if you are single on Valentine's Day

  1. Curl up in bed and binge watch TV shows
  2. Call your friend and cry about how you’re single and then eat cake
  3. Log out of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram so you don’t see pictures of happy couples and #blessed captions…
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IPOwl Blogging Tipsheet

For anyone interested in writing for the IPOwl blog, please take a few minutes to read this.

IPOwl Blogging Tipsheet

  • Aim for short, snappy posts of 500-750 words or less: …
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