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5 Things About Me You Probably Wouldn't Know From Reading My Writing

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

While I do not necessarily believe that you can learn the deepest parts of a writer’s psychology and personality from reading his work I do believe that certain clues of what he values, likes, dislikes, and overall believes can be partially gleaned from it. 1,928 more words

Writing 101- Day 17-Map as your Muse

Naval Aviators Lost In Haze,

Seaweed in Longitude/Latitude Splays,

Sea to Wildest Seas Traversing,

Seafaring Lines Ceremonial Crossings,

Tropics of Cancer and of Capricorn,

Straits of Gibraltar, Magellan Reborn, 47 more words


Weekend alone!

BerlinBoy is back from Germany for 7 weeks holiday.  It’s been a mad few days of jetlag, heat & humidity, family  of 4 fun and everybody getting used to each other again!   444 more words


The Perfect Winter Boots

This time last year, I was having an almost unnatural amount of trouble with finding the perfect pair of boots for the winter season. This year, however, winter footwear is noticeably better, so whatever heel size, colour or length of boots you’re after, I’ve found the perfect pair at a perfect price. 493 more words

Versatile Blogger Award!

Dear World,

Thank you to Marielli at That Mom-Wife Life for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! She is such a wonderful blogger and her lifestyle posts never fail to impress me so make sure to head over and give her a follow! 205 more words