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I did it! five times

Do you have days where you doing something that is so out of your normal ability range, and then you do it again? Well yesterday, after saying that I was going to try playing Human Resource Machine, I did exactly that. 585 more words

Best of That's So Jacob from Year 3

Thanks for all the good wishes, y’all! You’re the reason I write, so come and bring more friends, it’s all good. I will get back to all of your comments. 145 more words

feeling like i'm 16

i’ve been reconnecting with some old high school friends lately

people i haven’t talked to in decades (i am showing my age)

on the most part i have loved reconnecting with people i used to believe it was impossible to live without… 948 more words


Defamation and Social Commentary

Social commentary, by its very nature requires writers to comment not only events, but also people. And commenting on people, whether stating facts, alleged facts or mere opinions, is fraught with danger. 657 more words

The Trickle Down Myth

Supply side economics, or those favouring the privileged and wealthy as a purported way of stimulating investment and production, have long been a favourite strategy of those most dedicated to fulfilling the vision of ‘father of the US Constitution’ James Madison that capitalist democracy should ‘protect the minority of the opulent from the majority.’ ‘Trickle-down’ economics, as this approach came to be known, was a noted characteristic of the Reagan administration; their primary outcomes were… 325 more words



So many things bother me on a daily basis. One thought though, is of an old friend. I don’t understand why the thought of him sticks in my mind. 261 more words