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who I am and why am here

In a world full of hay being the needle at the hay stuck constantly disappearing when the efforts to find me are not anywhere possible. it’s cozy and comfortable and who wants anything more? 292 more words


Using PV solar when the grid goes down?

It is my understanding that when the grid goes down our newer solar PV panels will stop producing electricity. On one hand it makes sense because we don’t want people working on them to get electrocuted, but in the event of a prolonged power outage then what will we do? 323 more words

This ain't no damn beauty pageant!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post from the singer/dancer Ciara. Under the post, several people commented on how beautiful she is and many agreed. 439 more words


I’m learning how to blog. Woohoo!

Hi, I’m Craig and taking the beginners course for new bloggers from word press.

I want to blog about transitioning away from our wasteful misuses of energy and look for solutions for a less energy intensive new world. 148 more words

Quote 10/2019 : Hypocrisy

Ever said something like you totally believed in it, but behaved in quite the opposite manner when faced with a situation?

We all hate hypocrites and that’s the last thing we would think of ourselves as. 70 more words


Experimental solar stills

 The Ft2  cooker and the mini Ft2 testing a new type of solar distiller.

If you want to just eliminate moisture, then put a top cover on with a hole in it and this will concentrate your solution and allow the vapors to escape into the atmosphere. 382 more words

Adventures, Adventuring and Family

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve always loved adventure. It draws me to explore unknown routes daily, makes me excited to see new parts of my home town as well as hidden gems in parts of the world I’ve never visited before. 251 more words