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Aranylgaluska: Hungarian Tradition, or Monkey bread: An American Institution.

Sweet little dough balls, dairy rich and coated with butter, rolled in a sugar bath, then coming to rest nestled together in a tight, sweet swaddling surround, then let alone to rise. 3,895 more words

Wingspread Farm

Walking the Calming Coast

South Australia is blessed with miles of beautiful, natural and often rugged coastline. Most of them can be found south of Adelaide where the crowds thin out and and at times you can have the beach to yourself. 212 more words


The Holy Spirit Is With You Always

Today we are going to begin examining the New Covenant. In my experience there are many Christians who do not understand the difference between the Old and New Covenants. 1,041 more words


On the Road Again...

After a year and a half of living in Portugal, we are finally buying a place in Porto. Talk about an ordeal! Buying real estate is a big deal under any circumstances. 353 more words


Genres I read, write and want to write - Blogging Insights #33

What is your passion with regards writing genres ?
I like to write about life, nature, relationships, personal experiences, self love, mental health and other similar things. 215 more words


Grey cell stitch tank and cap


This is one of my own designs which I called ‘cell stitch top’. I think I was going through a period of wanting to create pieces that you could use to show off your physique in good weather, (not that I have yet!), and so I made up this crochet stitch because I realised that any pieces made using it would have a ‘see though’ effect. 143 more words


the name game

Please enjoy a side of Talking Heads for tax before reading this.

My current song of the month

Well, how did I get here?

I guess it’s been a long time coming. 260 more words