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waiting goddess, still

On this side of midnight I sit
Warm Summer rain day dream glitter still plays in my hair
On my skin
And I find myself thinking… 197 more words

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A journey of life recounted

I enjoyed this recounting of this guy’s path from evangelical Christianity to an atheist perspective. I felt like it mirrored my own journey at times. And I admired how this guy is able to communicate the journey. 432 more words

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The timetable that speaks volumes

January 2017 = Trump inaugurated, GOP majority in both House & Senate.
01/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
02/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
03/2017 – Wall not an emergency. 186 more words

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Ending my 31 day alcohol fast

Last Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to take January off of alcohol. Just like all the cool kids in the world who do Dry Januaries. Last year, I did the Whole30 diet from around Jan 15 to Feb/March, which ended up being 45 days off of alcohol. 1,154 more words

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Why isn't part of the American Dream sharing the wealth everyone?

Loving these videos of people plainly taking on the rich for the hypocritical jacks they are.

Three Americans have more wealth than the bottom 50%. The best question is "Who is Hannity shilling for?" …

49 more words
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No excuses: movie making on iPhones

While I was running on Sunday morning in 8 degree temperatures, I passed two elderly women walking down the Lake Shore Path, one using a walker, the other with her hand under that woman’s arm. 260 more words

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