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Face exchange: Jimmy for Jacky

Taking a scene from the Shining and exchanging Jack Nicholson face with Jim Carrey’s is as simple as, well, this.

With all the audio manipulation technology… 25 more words

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Racism runs rampant in today's USA

In response to a concerned mother about her child not getting the best level of education, the high school principal wrote:

“Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” he wrote, according to email records obtained by The Palm Beach Post through a public records request.

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I want to recommend four posts from TYWKIWDBI

Minnesota Stan is probably one of my favorite bloggers. His site is a daily, multiple time visit for me. Here are a few links to stories I found worth checking out: 408 more words

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Still Ill: 25 Years of the Beastie Boys

Still Ill is a short documentary about the Beastie Boys’ career from approximately Paul’s Boutique to Ill Communication.

The Beasties were (and maybe still are) one of my favorite groups of all time. 28 more words

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This is a commercial for something

But it’s so cool!

Mini McDonald’s restaurants created to be Beehives? Amazeballs.

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This should be everyone's philosophy on life

I might be a little emotional with lots of different things going on, but this video of a police officer joining a struggling runner to complete a 10k race brought me to weepiness. 41 more words

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