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On the Reality of Life, Death, and the Ocean

In the span of the last eighteen hours, I have arrived home from my honeymoon and attended a memorial service for a friend.

That sentence sums up the paradox I’ve been struggling to understand for the last several days, beginning even before I knew my friend’s life was in jeopardy. 1,255 more words



On my way to work this morning heading south toward the river, I came up over the viaduct and saw that beautiful image of the Kentucky hills blanketed in fog. 602 more words


Flip Da Table- Worst Title Yet

Hey Rad Blog.

Got an ancient prompt here that I’m gonna write about so here it goes.

The prompt says talk about the last time I completely changed my opinion on something, but I can’t really do that because I don’t just have one time in mind. 739 more words

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Multi-Page Internet Lists: Equivalent to Dial-Up

Multi-page internet lists make me ragey. Sometimes I can’t control this rage. Sometimes I throw things.

No one wants to click through your crappy multi-paged articles that take eons to load. 497 more words



OKM: Ok, endroo G the portion you got to pay is X amount and NKK, your portion is Y amount.

endroo G: Here you go OKM. 64 more words


Science, open-source, and copyright.

One of the Mertonian norms of science is that its results should be freely available for everyone. However, the science that anyone takes seriously has been published in a prestigious, peer-reviewed science journal. 229 more words

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Electronic privacy's day at court

Privacy groups filed a challenge to military surveillance last week. 1,110 more words