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The 'housekeeping' of friendships

Being a raving slut, (sorry I mean extrovert) has always been one of my predominant innate features. Easy to talk to, friendly, kind, warm and polite. 1,121 more words


我的遗愿清单 Wǒ de yíyuàn qīngdān

Often, I have a collaborated sense of what my to-do/achieve-list each year is and what seems like a bucket list. The truth is I decided to be adult about it by separating both lists, as my desire to achieve something in my life time can be logically argued as differing from the need to complete daily or yearly tasks and projects. 278 more words



In a healthy relationship between significant others, the two individuals are interdependent, like the sun and the moon. The moon doesn’t need the sun to rise and the sun doesn’t need the moon to set, but they do need each other to activate the universe. 67 more words


This Potrait; National Potrait Gallery, London

On 15 April 1870 William Morris wrote to his wife Janey (who at the time was having an affair with Dante Gabriel Rossetti), ‘I am going to sit to Watts this afternoon, though I have got a devil of a cold-in-the-head, which don’t make it very suitable.’ Perhaps a combination of the cold and his depression at the failure of his marriage accounts for the slightly rheumy look of his portrait. 96 more words


My anti-depressant; Gratitude

Let me tell you a little bit about this small, yet significant part of me.

Whatever challenge I find myself, I have learned something so simple yet so difficult. 752 more words


Micro Genius Maxplay

280 games on board memory + 20 games on cartridge.

There are all versions of Super Mario !

Made in China… of course.

Don’t compare the device hardware physical build quality with that of Game Boy or PSP.


Spring and its seasonal highlights; Kew Gardens

It was exactly a week ago, we walked into the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Look at what we were surrounded with. Colour, warmth, tropical gardens, history of 21st century horticulturists, modern plant hunters, poison frogs in aquariums and man made exhibition of orchids. 407 more words