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Our trip to Pennywell Farm, Devon



My parents came down from Scotland last weekend.  They don’t get to see Jonah nearly enough to satisfy their grandson addiction so when they do get the opportunity, it’s important for them to do something special, memorable and enjoyable. 633 more words


Our Weekend Baby Style #1


My first offering to Weekend Baby Style is from yesterday, when Jonah and I went to Pennywell Farm in Devon and feel that this trip may have influenced my choice of clothes for the day.   140 more words


My Liebster Award

I’m thrilled to accept this lovely award from Wee Maw, thank you so much for this!  I can only apologise that it has taken a couple of weeks for me to get organised and do it! 790 more words


Be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s day!  Or at least, happy Saturday – the beginning of half term, the beginning of a week with my boys, and an excuse to get crafty with Jay!   23 more words


A long time coming...

I have wanted to do this for a long time… maybe a little over 2 years and have never got as far as this…  I know it’s becoming a little cliché to be a new mum, writing a blog, filling it with crafty things that she gets up to for a little self gratification (which by the way there is nothing wrong with, especially as I think that we don’t give or receive nearly enough compliments on who we are or what we do…) Anyway, so I’m doing this for me.   111 more words


Three Four

So, I turned 34 today.

No fanfare. Its just another day.

Got a nice present and yummy dinner from wifey. In laws bought bkt dinner and present too. 25 more words