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Diary of a Mad Black Londoner

7:00 alarm goes off

It’s the 4th time I am hysterically screaming at my existence at this point




7.00 rings with a louder reminder & label that says… 1,345 more words


The Reality of Heimlich's Invention 

We walked through the corridor to his office. He visited Bordeaux. I asked him how his holiday was and he told me other than the attack in Nice that week, he had a grand time. 610 more words


Camping, Moving, WW, and Wednesdays

This week marks the beginning of a very unstructured month. I do not thrive in this type of environment! In a few words, here is what I am up against: 254 more words

Getting my head together

I went over my ww points today and yesterday.  The culprit wasn’t really the food.  It was the alcohol.  I think its starting to become more clear how I put on so much weight so fast. 751 more words


A simple guide to being or walking 

These words of wisdom by Karen Berg helped me make one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in a long time. The Brian McKnight song comes to mind: it’s that sort of relationship where I was constantly ambivalent between “Do I stay or let it go”? 179 more words


Words of wisdom...

Follow your brain, your heart is stupid as fuck!


Changing times

The fluorescent round tube bulbs obsoleted. Now I’m stuck with lamps in the house where I couldn’t get replacement fluorescent tubes. Visited more than 10 shops around Klang Valley and still could not find it. 45 more words