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On my way to work this morning heading south toward the river, I came up over the viaduct and saw that beautiful image of the Kentucky hills blanketed in fog. 602 more words


Flip Da Table- Worst Title Yet

Hey Rad Blog.

Got an ancient prompt here that I’m gonna write about so here it goes.

The prompt says talk about the last time I completely changed my opinion on something, but I can’t really do that because I don’t just have one time in mind. 739 more words

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Multi-Page Internet Lists: Equivalent to Dial-Up

Multi-page internet lists make me ragey. Sometimes I can’t control this rage. Sometimes I throw things.

No one wants to click through your crappy multi-paged articles that take eons to load. 497 more words



OKM: Ok, endroo G the portion you got to pay is X amount and NKK, your portion is Y amount.

endroo G: Here you go OKM. 64 more words


Science, open-source, and copyright.

One of the Mertonian norms of science is that its results should be freely available for everyone. However, the science that anyone takes seriously has been published in a prestigious, peer-reviewed science journal. 229 more words

In English

Electronic privacy's day at court

Privacy groups filed a challenge to military surveillance last week. 1,110 more words


Cultural attitude on child safety

The children here don’t wear helmets hen they cycle. It’s hard to see children wearing helmets while cycling or skating.

To get a good correct sized helmet for children under 4 years old is even tougher. 184 more words