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The London Underground (Rant)

Having lived in or around London all my life, I think I’ve had a decent amount of time on the underground. As I’ve grown up my experience with this transport system has grown into a daily grind. 560 more words


First Post

Well I guess this is hello. Welcome to the site known as RNGenerations.

At the time of this the site is still getting set up. So if you are viewing this within lets say a month of the time this post is made this site is still in set up mode. 68 more words


The Oscars goes to...the Establishment

Been trying to play catch up with the “best of the year” contenders for my inevitable Top 10 (though I’ve got 7 locked down), but in the meantime let’s talk about a completely uncontroversial topic like race and the Academy Awards! 1,426 more words


Tom's Top Things - Films!

So without getting too Buzzfeedy (“Tom’s Ten Favourite Films, You Won’t Believe Number 4!”), I’ve decided to do a top films post. I’ll maybe do one of these posts every so often, but won’t become an overly regular occurrence. 813 more words


The Blog Awakens...

Helloo! Welcome to what I’m sure is the most interesting blog you’re going to read all year (blogs are still popular right?!)

I have some ideas for what this is actually going to be about, but mainly the posts will be split into three/four categories. 275 more words


12 steps to lasting love

I constantly read all of these cliché articles with over-used, repetitive, recycled lists of how to love, what love means, what love really means, when you truly love, romantic love, your guide to eternal love, bladahblah, the meaning of unconditional love, how to be romatically loved etc etc blah blah blah. 689 more words