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Transitioning during the middle.

Florida is a beautiful place, always is until you get to the summer time. That’s when it’s easy to bake cookies in your cars windows. Fry eggs n the side walk. 253 more words


The beauty of Mr JenkinsĀ 

Stay with me
The grass isn’t greener…

He bluffed

I waited for my love to break

I am not sorry

A new journey to life… 172 more words


The scar of October 1st

Saturday, 1st October
Woke up really grateful for mum and her grace to date. It was her birthday and she turned 56. She celebrates the same day as Nigeria’s National Independence. 437 more words


June's love for Juan Les Pins

Yacht filled harbors, fields of lavender, fragrance of fresh pine, Provence a’ la marches, hip art galleries, vintage jewelry shops, rural mountainous hiking spots. bohemian sophistication, artists legacies breed, Art Deco architecture, volavents with fresh espressos on Juliet Balconets, David Sedaris’ witty novels digested avec du vin rouge a’ la fine fromage, sunglasses and flipflops whilst overlooking the seaside, sunset and glamorous beaches. 1,753 more words


Yoga and the Jaguar

I was late but determined to go to yoga class today. Had a long day at a Kings Fund conference which was great and one of the best I have been to in a long time but had to do some work between close and yoga. 270 more words


versatile blogger award

wow, okay, so i’m not really known for my sociability on here. i’m really just known for my terrible cynicism and equally terrible ‘poetry’. despite this, however, i’ve been nominated for an award over on bloglittleboxes’ … 1,842 more words

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