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OKM: Ok, endroo G the portion you got to pay is X amount and NKK, your portion is Y amount.

endroo G: Here you go OKM. 64 more words


Science, open-source, and copyright.

One of the Mertonian norms of science is that its results should be freely available for everyone. However, the science that anyone takes seriously has been published in a prestigious, peer-reviewed science journal. 229 more words

In English

Electronic privacy's day at court

Privacy groups filed a challenge to military surveillance last week. 1,110 more words


Cultural attitude on child safety

The children here don’t wear helmets hen they cycle. It’s hard to see children wearing helmets while cycling or skating.

To get a good correct sized helmet for children under 4 years old is even tougher. 184 more words



Its so hard to get kiddy helmets and especially size XS here in KL.

Most bicycle shops only have S size and some don’t even sell kiddy helmets. 78 more words


Father Christmas

Lele …. Low cost made in China fake Lego toys.

Bubu G


Well, I’m married. So that’s weird. And awesome.

Our wedding was the day I hoped it would be. It was fun, and unique, and nontraditional, and different. 1,390 more words