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Ants can make your electric kettle their home. To wipe them out, the only way is to put it in the microwave oven to cook the queen ant and hidden eggs.



Yesterday night I was looking for the last can of beer on the fridge and it was nowhere to be found. I was so excited thinking of having a cold beer and watch TV. 45 more words


Health (GO TEAM)

Gather round fellow foodies, and prepare to grimace when I say “Food allergies.”. Having recently decided to give up wheat and sugar to try and get rid of my permanent sinus/post nasal drip, and I’ll admit to going through a few stages of health euphoria followed by a crazed need for jam filled doughnuts, but it has definitely helped. 311 more words

How To

Horse riding over Saturday's flowers...

Saturday morning of 7th May 2016. I went horse riding at the Lea Valley horse riding centre in Leyton, local to me. I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect as the last time I rode a horse was when I was little and dad used to take us every weekend. 455 more words


The end of an era

When I joined, the Car was on the ninth floor. Then it was transferred to the tenth floor and remained there until last Saturday.

It was cut and dismantled before being taken to The Workshop. 18 more words


A Viennese Easter

I know, I know, Easter has been a while now and it’s a little bit outdated to write this but had to.

His birthday was Tuesday. 1,543 more words


Must Love Dogs

I know this is a food, beverage blog, but being a pet parent I like to be able to spoil my children with some of their very own treats. 101 more words