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Vegan Minestrone

Hi guys! You guys asked for it..so here I am to bring it to you! I love this soup. It’s always good, always comforting, and a total crowd pleaser! 247 more words


2018 releases to feed your TBR (so it doesn't eat you right now)

It is common knowledge that my TBR has been slowly planning my murder for the last year because how dare I not read every single book in existence?!….So I thought I would add EVEN MORE books to it!!…This is going to end badly…isn’t it? 1,081 more words


This Savage Song Mini-Review

My review of this book isn’t that savage.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab takes place in a divided city filled with monsters. Kate Harker lives on the side where her father rules by making citizens buy their protection and controlling the monsters. 160 more words


What I Got For Christmas / Hello 2018 | Lifestyle

Hey, guys! I’m alive and kicking, well into the year of 2018! Let’s fill this year with personal achievements and positivity, okay? I’m here with (and for) you, so let’s make the best of it! 383 more words


Series Review: Hearts of Anemoi (1+2) by Laura Kaye

You ever read a book and immediately adore everything about it and buy the next book before you even read the first?


I just did that. 770 more words

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Why I Loved Doing Blogmas

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m doing a little bit of reflection on why I enjoyed doing blogmas so much during December. After all the stress was out of the way, I thought it was an incredible experience, and one I personally loved (though I totally respect anyone who doesn’t enjoy it; every blogger is amazing regardless 💜). 377 more words


Expecting too much of others?

I’m at home in Cardiff for January, and I’m taking advantage of the downtime by giving my childhood bedroom a deep cleanse (there are things in there that should have been thrown out six years ago) and making the most of having a Costa down the road (oh sweet Costa Coffee, how missed you whilst I was in France!). 671 more words