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Chapter 26

“Hmph…” snorted the nurse rearranging things in Simon’s room. “Raining again.” A glower directed at the weather, a challenge to sort itself out or face some matronly scorn. 846 more words

Chapter 25

Half an hour later, Michelle and Cat were sat in a different bar a few streets away staring at rapidly melting ice cubes in the drinks in front of them. 975 more words

Chapter 24

Catherine and Michelle stared goggle-eyed at the empty chair that Alex had occupied for a full minute before Michelle’s brain kicked into gear.

“Right, ok Cat, there’s a few of things that could have happened. 484 more words

Chapter 23

Alex paid his taxi fare and remained on the pavement for a moment or two, taking in the air. He turned smartly on his heel and walked up a backstreet. 3,246 more words

Chapter 27

What is energy? Mathematicians, Physicists and other people of Science will debate and define this point endlessly. They talk of it in terms of what it does and how it is transferred, they cannot speak of it in isolation. 729 more words

Chapter 21

It had seemed logical at the time that they should take Michelle’s car, but now that they had, Catherine was hating it. There  grubbiness of the upholstery and the number of sweet wrappers that were crammed into the cup holder, hammered home the wrongness of what they were doing. 1,119 more words

Chapter 20

The darkness had a beat. The darkness had a heart.

Simon reached out a hand. The darkness was just out of reach, a rubbery velvet that was a warm cocoon of silence spreading from an unidentifiable centre. 584 more words