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Do you know where you were, and what you were doing 30 years ago today @ 8:39 AM PST?

I remember, like it was yesterday exactly where I was, and what I was doing. 263 more words


Does Your Blogology Reveal Your Sexology? (G-uno)

Recent studies suggest your blogging style, and sexual stylings may be closely related. Please take a moment to find your particular “Blogology,” and share some of your data with us. 230 more words


TCM 8 - Too many friends

There’s something accidental about the Corbyn campaign; nobody, from Jeremy on down, expected it to be like this. On his own admission, Corbyn wasn’t chosen as a sure-fire election-winner (even an internal party election-winner) but because somebody needed to represent the Left and, broadly speaking, it was his turn. 1,974 more words


When a Blog Goes Insane

OK, there’s something strange going on. Today, and the day ain’t done, I have 674 page views on my blog. Of those, 552 are to my post on… 334 more words


A Doctor writes

I’ve tagged this post ‘flummery’, which I think was the category I chose for chatty and personal posts of no enduring value. As well as ‘flummery’ I find I’ve got categories for ‘drollery’, ‘foolishness’, ‘idiocy’ and ‘tosh’, not to mention ‘saying the thing that is not’; I must have had distinct purposes for each of those, although I’m not sure now what they are. 1,034 more words


Consider Donating

I rarely do this, and actually this would be a first for me. However, my wife and I support our armed forces any way we can. 165 more words


Get out of that rut

A few years back, I took a job in San Francisco, so that moved me from the comfort of my hometown to a new era of my life. 299 more words