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Unila Kedatangan tamu Ka. Puskom Universitas Sriwijaya bersama Tim

Pada tanggal 10-11 Februari 2016 lalu, UPT. TIK Universitas Lampung menerima tamu Kepala UPT Puskom Universitas Sriwijaya beserta tim, kunjungan selama 2 hari ini dimaksudkan untuk mempererat tali silaturahmi antara UNSRI dan UNILA, delegasi UNSRI yang berkunjung adalah Bapak Dr. 70 more words


Teach Texas Women Not To Rape

Fort Worth teacher Alina Leung, 29, faces three charges, including sexual assault of a child, in a case involving a 15-year-old student at an all-boys school. 41 more words


How can I figure out what I really want to do with my life after college?

Answer by Oliver Emberton:

Time to grow up and give yourself a better childhood. Let me explain, via Bill Gates the Potato Farmer.

You know how anyone can be anything they want, right?

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I'm about to go to prison. Maybe for a long time. My mom & dad are old. What should I do?

Great answer, very touching but to the point

Answer by Anonymous:

It blows my mind how so many people on Quora just have an opinion they have to share without a damn clue.

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The Reality TV Mirror

I watch a lot of crap reality TV (Bachelor Ben, what were you thinking with Olivia??). I freely admit that and have little to no shame about it. 577 more words


About bad music

WARNING: This posts contains a lot of quotation marks. And by a lot I mean there are probably too many. Oh well…

I know it’s really cool to hate on Coldplay right now, but I’m old anyway so I don’t care about my lack of coolness. 87 more words


Fairy Tales of Criminal Justice

The Hildabeast is “under investigation” by the FBI.

As if Famous But Incompetent had the independence to find an indictable offense against her, let alone get our Little Barry Hussein’s “Justice” Department to take it to court. 21 more words