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The Liebster Award

In my last post about the Liebster Award, I wrote about being nominated by Someplace Strange (thank you!) and why my blog deserves this award. 340 more words

Trying To Conceive

How To Distinguish Your "Real" Readers in a Blogosphere Populated With Fake People

Read carefully.

I will easily exploit my fake readers through a method kids use. To clarify that here is an example:

“Whoever has food, raise your hand. 103 more words


Your Gaming Style : Action-Oriented and Competitive

This is another post inspired by the Blogosphere, and with my lack of posts for a few days I figured I could cram a couple into one day. 1,251 more words


Here We Go Again!

Hello again blogosphere, I have returned with another wordpress siteĀ for Comber! This time it will be for AP English…Probably this will get more traffic than Publishing Prospects but hey…Let’s do this.

Travel Theme: Tiny

It’s been a while since I posted a travel theme! The week’s theme, “Tiny,” instantly reminded me of a weekend trip to Isla Mujeres, an islandĀ a ferry ride away from Cancun. 133 more words


Reversing our fertility decline?

Every now and then I’ll read some twaddle about how humanity will soon over-populate the Earth, increase mass species extinctions, use up all available resources, etc., etc. 306 more words


Legal gay marriage is just the beginning

So says V the K at Gay Patriot who probably knows better than us heteros. Not that I have ever opposed gay marriage. Only coercing those who do to stop. 266 more words