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The Liebster Award

I was awarded this Liebster Award a little while ago by the lovely Kristin at A Simply Enchanted Life. Check out Kristin’s site for beautiful photos, thought provoking discussions and book reviews of contemporary books and some oldies.   810 more words

Recommended reading

As late as Thursday evening the Internet had coughed up but one post worthy of this not-so-vaunted digest. I was afraid I’d have to issue it a dire warning from this page to  191 more words


When I Was A Thief...

When I was in 9th grade, I had two best friends, K and M (I’m sure I’ve mentioned them both before). I’ve also mentioned this girl, S, in my… 1,244 more words



At some point

I started looking at the ground more then the sky

It’s hard even to breathe

I hold out my hand, but no one holds it…

734 more words
Deep Thoughts

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks so much Kelly for nominating me for this award! Everybody, this is an order, go check out her blog you won’t regret this. Here’s how the award works: 267 more words


The Bloggers That Inspire Me.

Snow in March! Not just a little but an avalanche of snow fell in the past week which resulted in complete havoc with travelling, shopping, going to uni or work and basically going outside at all. 639 more words


Book Blogger Insider Tag

Trying to catch up on some of these really fun tags I’ve been sent.  Thanks so much Siobhan for tagging me in the Book Blogger Insider Tag… 506 more words