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Ivor, dearest

Happy birthday, mate

To a wonderful poet

Have a drink for me

But, seriously… I hope you have a wonderful day, Ivor dearest! Don’t drink too much (says the pot to the kettle) and have fun leveling up 🖤🍷🍻🥂

Bloggity Blog


Has anybody seen this place? I ask all and sundry. All I remember is how sunlight dances off the walls that change colour with every passing minute. 143 more words

6 Things To Do On Slow Blogging Days

Many people have complained about the decrease in their blog’s views during the Summer period.

But, in reality, a decrease in one’s incoming traffic to their blog could happen at any period of the year. 1,181 more words


Heatwave archaeology

The UK (and many other areas of the world) has been experiencing a prolonged heatwave this summer. Some love it, and some hate it, but it’s clearly been fantastic for archaeologists. 617 more words


Strzok was planted in the FBI

He never actually worked as an agent. As for why he’s still employed, could be his associates fear his Deep State background:

“We know Peter Strzok III, the man who sent those vile text messages about our President…was raised in Iran and Saudi Arabia… 87 more words


Let's Moose!

“…former First Wookie Michelle Obama will open a chain of ‘Let’s Moose!’ Yoga spas. The Big Mothership facility and corporate world headquarters opens on the 4th on the Southside of Chicago, near the site for the new Presidential LieBarry: See the prototype here.

Via Earl of Taint


Doing Your Own Thing With Your Blog

I strongly believe that bloggers should do whatever they desire with their blogs.

One might be tempted to emulate the style of their favourite blogger, but giving into that temptation would be the biggest mistake ever made by them. 1,049 more words