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Testing The Waters

Hello again my lovelies, I’ve missed you all like crazy! :D This isn’t a real post exactly — I just wanted to try out this new WordPress app and see how easy it is to create and publish new posts (the one on my old phone was a nightmare lol). 68 more words


Better than who?

I bought a magazine called Blogosphere today. It was something that I decided to have a look at because I fell I need a little inspiration to get back on the blogging horse properly. 365 more words

Be true to yourself

Hey everyone, you may have noticed a change in the content that I have been posting. For the longest time, I have struggled with what to write because I wanted to stick to content within my niche but all it has done is fuel my frustration and resentment towards my blog. 157 more words


Spam comments, how do you identify the trolls?

​Troll: Past and Present Meaning.

Back then, troll – (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Today, troll – a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting or a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting or a line or bait used in trolling for fish. 190 more words


A lifelong tug of war

The more times you enter the world the harder it becomes to leave it. Even when you do decide to leave you have to actively seek God through reading the word, listening to messages and surrounding yourself with people who have an insatiable desire to know God. 512 more words



Obedience is one of the hardest things to do as a Christian. If you find it hard to obey your parents imagine how much harder it is to obey every single thing in the Bible. 731 more words


Where there is a will God will always make a way

There is a difference between feeling ready for something and God deciding that you are ready for something. Often, I have always thought no I can’t do this or I can’t do that but God has deemed me ready therefore he makes it happen. 374 more words