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Mea Culpa... I'm a bad, bad blogger neighbor

For at least a month I have been watching me get further behind in keeping up with the blogosphere. No, scratch that. Not “the” blogosphere, MY blogosphere—the universe comprised of my blog and the blogs of people I follow. 490 more words


Teach Women Not To Rape*

To hear the lefty academics and the Worm’s administration tell it, there’s an epidemic of sexual assaults on women on college campuses. You can bet Godzillary will be echoing it as she runs for president. 99 more words


The Vichy GOP caves

The Stupid Party, which is really an offshoot of the Democrat Party, making the USA ruled by a single political party (except for the shouting) … 169 more words


Welcome back, to me!!

Is 17 months enough of slacking? I think so!

I’m back and ready to post my mind out, although I’m now into other projects which I will write about later, I want to post this link which was kindly shared with me. 126 more words


You Can Keep Your Adventure, Just Leave Me the Toilet Paper

Did you know that the cheetah is the largest cat in the world that purrs?  Did you also know that there is a sanctuary in Zambia where you can pat and caress a cheetah, and rub your hands through its fur, while the feline purrs with a throaty rumble? 1,029 more words


Princess Sugar Approved

I write in this “blogosphere”, while my youngest daughter lives in her colorful and adventurous “babysphere”. The world of a baby is much more vast, believe it or not (sorry WordPress). 236 more words


Virtual BFFs

22nd April, 2015. 2:10pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What has been the easiest part of blogging?

Writing is easy. It has always been easy for me. 294 more words