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Here’s my Saturday roundup of Good Blog Posts™ from around the Internet this week.

Parenting is full of unexpected adventures, and Jaye Watson humorously tells of one that involves her son’s posterior.  208 more words


Blogger meet up - Fun Friday photo

Today was a definitely a fun Friday! I did lots of different things to my usual Friday fare including a meet-up with two of my favourite Australian bloggers – in person!! 588 more words


What I've been reading lately #6

Whether you’re looking to take a break and want a beautiful read or if you’re looking for some creative/blogging inspo, you can’t go wrong with any of these incredible titles. 463 more words


The end of Trumpalot or the beginning?

Having thrown Gen. Flynn under the bus and now being battered by the usual leftist lizards to get rid of the woman who arguably helped him get elected, Trump’s choices are narrowing.   76 more words


All of the Chocolate is Probably 1/2 off~

Write this down. Seriously, it’s an important date. Today commences the start of this all-inclusive blog. We will discuss many things on here, and you, the reader, get to decide what you want to read next! 120 more words

Happy Birthday to Us!

This week, Agents of Field are celebrating three whole years of blogging! Who’d have thought it, eh? 51 more words


10 Gold Hoards You Need to Know About

Most modern economists have little good to say about gold, naming it as a ‘barbarous relic’ [1]. Funnily enough, although the economist John Maynard Keynes is credited with this observation, his criticism was leveled at the gold standard of the day and not the metal itself [ 5,754 more words