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Shine in the dark

The worst moments of our lives are actually the best moments. In those moments we are forced to come face to face with ourselves and what truly is at the heart of why we do what we do. 594 more words


Ulang Tahun Ahmad Rasya Algifarda yang ke-6

Alhamdulillah tepat 5 Desember 2016 Ananda Ahmad Rasya Algifarda genap berusia 6 tahun, tahun ini Rasya ingin berbagi kebahagiaan ulang tahun bersama dengan teman-teman di sekolahnya (TK Alhanif). 22 more words


UGM Sebagai Juara Umum KRTI 2016

Universitas Lampung sebagai tuan rumah Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI) 2016, mengucapkan selamat kepada Universitas Gadjah Mada yang berhasil meraih prestasi sebagai Juara Umum KRTI 2016, mewakili seluruh panitia KRTI, kami juga mengucapkan selamat dan sukses kepada seluruh tim yang berhasil menjadi juara pada masing-masing divisi lomba.  7 more words


Dear Zindagi : Beloved Life - You are amazing !

I bet, any girl watching the movie Dear Zindagi; would have a crush on Jag – the character portrayed by Bollywood’s undoubted King –  Shahrukh Khan. 492 more words


The Grace of Latin Beauty Blogs

Beauty is important in every culture, especially in the Latin one. Latinas go out of their way to make themselves muylindas (very beautiful), taking their time to do their hair, nails and makeup. 571 more words


One scoop of happiness please?

People make the concept of finding happiness more complex than it already is. Most of life’s answers are right there in front of our faces…or in most cases, right there in the palm of our hand or right inside of us. 446 more words


Only five of me in the country?

Well, only five people named Dick Stanley. According to this site anyhow.

They say there’s twenty people named Donald Trump. So us’uns is rarer still. 15 more words