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A woody morning

“It’s the wood that makes it good.” Kenny Rogers

Hey everyone. You didn’t think I’d forget our anniversary, did you?

The heavens shine with sun dogs and the griddles dance with sausage and pancakes to herald this special day. 747 more words


Are you bored? You'll never be again.

I’m a person who gets bored all the time, which is pretty bad to be honest, but to get over this boredom I try to occupy my time with the things that I enjoy doing. 135 more words


First days in Prague

Hi guys!

Zoals jullie misschien wel weten ben ik 10 dagen geleden vertrokken naar Praag. Hier volg ik de komende maanden mijn minor. Mocht je willen weten wat ik hier zoal uitspook, lees dan verder.  604 more words


That Moment

“Singapore is grey.” I told Kitahara sensei.
He immediately agreed and said “Yes! It is.”
While I had said it as a complaint – of Singapore being lacklustre, having no identity and not having enough natural sceneries – Kitahara sensei saw it as something good. 476 more words


Complex Emotions of Y15/16

A friend showed me what I think is a poem on the train.
It was a great poem, but because I didn’t experienced breaking up with someone before, I couldn’t feel anything from it. 980 more words



Sometimes I wonder whether people who remain anonymous on their blogs get fewer hits. I don’t know, it’s not like I can really conduct an experiment unless I ask the people at WordPress or Blogger. 285 more words

What's On My Mind

Hungary v Scotland

Is there a difference between Hungarian and Scottish cusine?

Yes, I believe there is. I’m a Hungarian girl who moved to Glasgow a few months ago, believing that I’m gonna be able to eat the same things in my new home as I did for a good 20 years of my life. 273 more words