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William F Buckley Father of Conservatism - Root of Sodom, Gomorrah

William F Buckley Father of Conservatism – Root of Sodom, Gomorrah


William F. Buckley, Jr.
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William Frank Buckley, Jr. 1,840 more words

Bible Studies

Summer Tales in NYC

This past week has been interesting to say the least. I shan’t delve too much in depth into my internship since I have a whole class to write blogposts/reflections on. 1,471 more words


Improving Fuel Efficiency in your Van

In any job where you are on the road the majority of your working day, fuel will be your biggest running cost. If you can increase your fuel efficiency, you will decrease your costs, and therefore increase your profits. 272 more words

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Front spring mount and brake assembly

Almost forgot.

Fitting the car with Hartford Dampers means that the mountings that connect the front suspension leaf springs to the entire front axle no longer fit as they the too short. 74 more words


Shock Absorber part 3

Well its taken a while, but I eventually worked out the design, then the mechanics of cutting 8mm sheet steel into a pleasing shape with 3 unequally placed mounting holes then plus drilling a 7/16ths hole through the centre¬†of a round bar which then needed to be cut at a 9 degree angle and get welded to the plate at exactly the right angle to the chassis… piece of cake. 31 more words


The art of queuing

There’s a lad holding his girl’s hand in front of me in the queue for the till.

He shouts to one of the women working near the tills to get something he’s forgoteen. 409 more words



Rage Against the Machine was an American rap metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1991, the group consisted of rapper and vocalist… 78 more words