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Born A Crime (Trevor Noah)

This was a great read. Trevor Noah’s life is a great read. I aspire to be a woman like his mother and if I ever have a child, I hope to raise one the way she had. 276 more words


Just how 'independent' from government is PHSO?

If you follow the money and consider that anyone in the pay of government is not independent of government then PHSO is not independent at all. 854 more words


Birth of a Vintage Sportscar

The Brooklands “Double 12” motor race is steeped in history and dates back to 1907. It initially started as a 24 hour race similar in concept to the LeMans race. 1,712 more words


Alex + Ada Volume #1,#2,#3 (Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn)

Volume 1:

Alex receives a female AI as a gift from his grandma who thinks if he can’t get over his ex, might as well get him someone as company. 908 more words


Sunshine Blogger Award

June 2018

A few weekends ago, I was casually checking through my emails when I came across Erika’s latest post. What?! I held my breath as I read. 674 more words


Writing update

So here are the writing projects I have in mind:

The Unthreading Of Raiza Rastogi << which I have to re-plot, so I’m putting it on hold. 48 more words


The Complete Maus #1-#2 (Art Spiegelman)

This was a very good graphic novel.

We follow Art or Artie, as he talks to his dad who’s been through WWII because Art wants to write a book out of it. 703 more words