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Beware the Hair

Family and friends, devoted daily readers and my many, many numerous followers across all my social media platforms, I must be honest with you. I am not sure if you have noticed, but my hair has grown to an exuberant length. 428 more words


I've Made a Terrible Decision...

I have named this blog Sassy & Witty. This creates a daunting task for myself: I must continuously be both sassy and witty. Sassy is easy; I was born sassy. 40 more words


Recognizing a Private Investigator in Atlanta

We would like to publicly recognize our Atlanta friends in the private investigation business e-Investigations International for their computer forensics skills and experience, and leadership in the field of infidelity investigations. 628 more words



It’s funny how sorrow takes over your mind and your body. Maybe it’s not even sorrow at all. Maybe I’m just mourning for a loss that happened too long ago. 228 more words


10 Solid Internet Security Tips

Implementing internet security measures is something that is very important today and this should be done by businesses as well as home users. The hard fact is that malware threats are continually on the upward rise and the amount of people falling victim to such malicious threats, remains at a high. 532 more words


What #BeTheChange really means

During the past year-heck, longer than that-before my mother died, I have felt like I have been standing in quicksand, eager to free myself, to break free, but unable to do so. 1,076 more words

It's Been Awhile

About two years and some change. My once little graduate of preschool is a soon-to-be second grader. Time flies when you go to graduate school, write a 100+ page thesis, and get a master’s degree, all while raising an elementary aged child, writing papers, attending conferences, directing plays. 381 more words