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Having an income, but not a job (the upside risk of the On Demand Economy)

With the rise of the sharing economy (and especially with the rise of Uber) many articles are written about the negative consequences for employment. Being inspired by Doug Rushkoff’s blog for CNN in 2011 (Are Jobs Becoming Obsolete?) and the work of Chris Rufer from the Morning Star Self-Management Institute I never have worried about these consequences. 446 more words


Money is but an idea

One of the authors that really helped me in getting my thoughts about money structured is David Graeber. In 2011 he published the book “Debt; The First 500 Years”. 504 more words


Sacrifices: Let Us Break the Will of the Infidels

Sacrifices: Let Us Break the Will of the Infidels

I have produced my words to answer those of faith in God. (Allah). http://churchphilaforums.freesmfhosting.com/index.php

Here we have again those who have usurped warfare in the name of faith and God committing atrocities and be-headings. 3,156 more words

Bible Studies

Touch me, Feel me: Engaging in the Art of Turning the Page

Hello Lovelies!

When the last bookstore on the north shore closed its doors in 2012 , I knew my monogamous relationship with Maui was coming to and end.   838 more words


Clock restoration

Well restoration is a bit of a strong term… the clock that came with the car is a Jaeger 8 day wind up timepiece. Except in my case it wound up but didn’t run, had no hands and was generally fairly battered. 325 more words


Feb, 12th

I’m not used to losing people. Far from it. But I’ve become accustomed to the very thing as of late.

In a matter of months that hardcore exterior I once wore is now a burnt, broken and battered heap of debris. 142 more words


He said

He said, it’s a good thing that you’ve taken the first step and come here. Many people don’t even do that.

He said, baby steps Lanxin, baby steps. 46 more words