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Don't ever get common...

and used by everybody. Never ever let yourself fall victim to a life that is not of your choosing. If you’ve taken anything of value from me, remember this; not everyone who smiles with you, is actually smiling with you; they can be smiling at you. 645 more words


A blast from the past: Canon control cards

A bit of background: our lab is kind of ancient. It’s also enormous; my advisor owns most of our hallway. The group was once¬†very… 1,173 more words

So much to do...

As much as I don’t want to rush the creation of our car, sometimes the enormity of the construction work is over whelming. Fabrication of components takes absolutely ages as does the making decisions on where things would be best placed for aesthetics and function. 748 more words


Teaching English to primary school kids - Volunteers needed!!!

There are about 16 primary 4 and 5 kids in a school with an English proficiency level of a 7 year old or younger where we volunteers go to every Saturday morning. 446 more words


Depression = No Drive

I wanted to make a post about why I have been lacking in drive and motivation to write and I decided to make it just a mini series of posts for those who may be going through the same thing. 1,010 more words


Life Has No Reason. Plan Accordingly.

Life Has No Reason. Plan Accordingly.

Now, don’t misunderstand the title here. Life is not some sentient being with a rhyme or reason. It just happens. 506 more words

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Blogpost #2: Rethinking sociality - a practical approach


First we will present an overview of how sociality unfolds within a virtual reality experience using our product as a lens for this analysis. We will analyse how immersion is achieved through cooperation and how this affects sociality, we will use this chapter to lead onto asymmetrical gameplay, where we will, look at specific mechanics that utilises Virtual reality in a non contrived way, together they form the foundation from which we can introduce more theoretical approaches.  6,582 more words