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Ballerinas and curls

What do ballerinas and curls have in common? Is it the twist that they do? Could it be the fact that they can both allonge? What is it that ballerinas and curls have in common? 290 more words


Witch in my closet

There’s a witch in my closet, trying to fly her broom which is also in the closet.

I don’t have my wand with me, and I am kinda scared of that witch… 43 more words


Frost damage

Talking to fellow Riley owners, finding a hole in that place of that size is not that unusual. Apparently frost is the culprit and with no core plugs that can give way to the pressure, the ice merely continues to expand and the 4mm cast iron in that area becomes the weakest spot. 772 more words


Rules to and of the S.L.U.R.

Do you understand the S.L.U.R.?

Do you know the rules?

Do you realize how much power, strength and uniqueness being a S.L.U.R. Queen gives you? 404 more words


Blog Post 5: "Texting and Writing"

I thought it was interesting how Cullinton was writing in a more statistical informational way. I like how she proved all her points using quotations with facts as well as personal experiences on the topic. 220 more words



The lighthouse received some sad news in the form of a telex yesterday. One of our beloved 4 legged companions went to his maker. He was my wife’s cousin’s dog, Jackson, and he was quite a character. 2,640 more words



I’m still not completely sure to what extent I’m going to use this thing – like when I imagined it I thought I would use it for mostly poetry and stories, but I realized those things don’t get written as often as I would like them to be, so I guess blog posts are cool too until then. 473 more words