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22 Reasons Outdoorsy People Need To Get Their Sh*t Together When It Comes To Spiders

I do not know of an animal that is in more need of positive PR than a spider. As someone who spends a lot of their time outside, it baffles me when I run into a significant amount of heavily outdoor-oriented people who do not like dealing with the critters that inhabit it. 890 more words

A red hat affair.....and the woman behind it

I want to say what I’m truly thinking…but sometimes…you pretend to be oblivious and stay caught up in your own universe. And it is for this reason that I started my affair. 148 more words



Bought a few books from Amazon USA and had Wen Loong shipped it over personally. Or in a less glamorous way to say it, he helped me bring it over because he is back for a holiday. 175 more words



So, you know that terrible feeling when you pat your pockets and you realize that you don’t have your keys with you? Now imagine standing in your parking pad with an armload of M&M frozen food and a six year daughter. 1,751 more words


When all you have is a hammer, Isis looks like a nail

The combined brains of the internet are working on fighting terror. It’s not going great

Read more on: http://newsrule.com/hammer-isis-looks-like-nail/


Syrian Refugees Need The Good Neighbor

Syrian Refugees Need The Good Neighbor

Sharing from Facebook here. Quoting Madeleine Albright and also a link given to the Time.Com page…..

“I am deeply disturbed by calls to shut our nation’s doors to properly vetted those fleeing terrorism and persecution in their native land. 483 more words

Bible Studies

GoGetta gives Devine Integrity Trucking a strong start

Michael Devine has been in the trucking industry for over ten years, and was ready to make the leap into becoming a business owner. Thanks to GoGetta, he was able to turn his dreams into a reality. 530 more words

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