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Book Review: Spark Joy

I couldn’t manage to borrow a copy of the acclaimed KonMarie book but found a copy of from the National Library instead.  This book is indeed inspirational too! 1,476 more words





Search the vein,lose the pain!

Today a good friend of mine collected my blood for testing,she’s a good person,and from working as an anesthesist I think my veins are quite prominent too! 376 more words


CDMX - Día 2: muros

A los mexicanos le dicen en el resto de América Latina que tienen el acento neutro, y escuchándoles he retomado mi viejo debate interno sobre todas las intolerancias, como las lingüísticas. 489 more words

WE have the power to call ... “game over”

…A very thought provoking article …but… for me a bit too much lavish praise on the wisdom of the Democratic Party and its leadership…

…Remove references to Democrats and there is real information provided which stretches ones critical analytical capacity … hopefully causing us to think.. 3,384 more words