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Bquant 1: Explore Altman's Z score with Bquant

I have mentioned in Bquant 0 – Introductory exploration of Bloomberg’s Bquant that I might publish a post on functionality of Bquant. Now, this “might” just come!!! 822 more words


Bquant 0 - Introductory exploration of Bloomberg's Bquant

Bloomberg recently released a new service : Bquant for BBA user. It’s a quantitative environment powered by python and Jupyter Notebook. According to their sales team, Bquant will be the fifth screen of Bquant. 294 more words


Wedding dilemmas: Live band vs DJ

I love live music and have always wanted a band for my wedding. Finding a good group suited to both Polish and British audiences without breaking the bank, however, proved problematic. 354 more words

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When a woman needs a change…

Apparently, when a woman feels the need to change something in her life, usually she starts with her hair.

I actually do fancy a new hair colour (I’ve been dreaming of beautiful, summery blond waves for a while!), but today I’m going to start with something simpler… my blog! 590 more words

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