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Looking for a daycare of stories!

Raising her chubby arms in air, one tiny story stalks me. She wants to be picked from a swarm of other unwritten stories – sweet, sad, funny, immature…some barely a thought…all of them wanting my time. 477 more words

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Just a Thought - There comes a moment...

There comes a moment in life…when you suddenly need to be a parent…to a different set of kids – Your Own Parents. Challenging, Heartbreaking and life changing! 66 more words

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Are you a warrior friend too?

Have you ever noticed how we all have a core group of people who stand up for us during difficult times? They might be close or far away. 92 more words

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Small Things#10 - School Jokes

A fortnight back, my older one returned from school with his head full of jokes from a fun riddle book. And the great thing was he had memorized most of them. 141 more words

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My Meetings with Film Actors

During my stint as a journalist, I had the pleasure to meet many bigwigs of Indian Film Industry. It was always fun to observe and analyze them in person. 676 more words

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10 Mad Signs That You Are A Dreamer

  1. People try to snap you out of your day dream to focus on the ongoing conversation. And you have no clue what the conversation was all about!
  2. 302 more words
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Talking Eyes

When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes. Victor Hugo

What is she saying to you? Hope you like her sketch. 7 more words

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