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Kennedy Murder, 54 Years Later

The Glaring Conspiracy Fact:
Oswald’s Rights Have Been Stripped


-by Bill Watkins 11/22/2017

CIA killed John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.

I have written a lot on this, after reading a lot of evidence and credible testimony that point away from the famous suspect Lee Harvey Oswald, and toward Howard Hunt and CIA for the horrible murder and its sad cover-up fifty-four years ago. 1,101 more words


A Note To Self

Trust Your Parents. 

A note to self: Always trust your parents because more often then none, they know what is best for you. You’re not happy with your dad’s decision. 482 more words


Blog #11

Well,​yesterday I was talking with one of my very good friends, and we were talking about guys. I was pretty sure that the guy I like broke up with his GF​ and my friends are like so slide into his dm and I did was left on read and no response​s rip. 189 more words


A Little Light Relief

While we’re on the subject of  Christmas traditions, Sam was brought up in a household where twinkling lights were not only on the tree, but festooned around all the rooms as well.  209 more words



Thursday, November 23, 2017 is the day we here in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving.

It’s a day for us to reflect on all the wonderful things God has blessed us with. 14 more words