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Is It The End Times? Really?

I was talking to a guy at church and he was sure the Apocalypse was coming.

”Reg, things are bad. I don’t know how we’re going to make it.” 1,064 more words


5 top ideas you should avoid when searching for permanent love

Genuine, real and lasting love these days is not easy to find. You have someone today tomorrow another suiter grabs then you go on being single and stressed up. 312 more words


No Credit: How advertisers miss 18% of conversions

Uniting multiple digital identifiers would boost the amount of conversions by connecting more cross-device events to a person ID.

The post No Credit: How advertisers miss 18% of conversions appeared first on Marketing Land. 8 more words

A machine or a Robot can never replace the psychological aspect of HR

An HR Leader with over a decade and a half years of experience, Madhuri, reminds us of THREE basic rules of success in life – A) you are your own competition. 1,793 more words

The Surprising Success of the Nations League

Man, the UEFA nations league really caught me by surprise this international break and had my attention until the end. In the early stages I did not pay it much attention and thought of it as a mere novelty idea for UEFA to make a bit more money, but these last two weeks offered up some extremely exciting story lines and of course, football matches. 530 more words


Life Before and After Babies

What was life like before babies? For us, it consisted of sleeping, going out to eat – lots of brunches, happy hours in the city, going to the bar at crazy hours of the night – usually with a pregame starting around 9:00 PM and heading to the bar at 11:00 PM (we still aren’t sure how we did this!), going to concerts, tailgating, renting shore houses with our friends, being single, etc. 384 more words


Ruby On Rails Interview Questions And Answers

Q1 : What is “Yield” in Ruby on Rails?
A : A Ruby method that receives a code block invokes it by calling it with the “Yield”. 23 more words