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Adrian Beltre Ejected For Moving On-Deck Circle; Umpire Gerry Davis Has No Sense Of Humor

Adrian Beltre is on the doorsteps of history, with just a few hits away from 3,000 in his illustrious career.  It’s kind of hard to get hits when you’re ejected from the game, though. 191 more words


5 chatbots to help you analyze ad campaigns right in Slack, Facebook Messenger & Google ...

Chatbots can give you alerts, reports and insights on your digital advertising campaigns. Just ask.

Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Justin Bieber Accidentally Drives Into Photographer While Leaving A Church Service

Fresh off cancelling the rest of the Purpose Tour, Justin Bieber said he was going to take some time to relax, and ride some bikes.  Well, he probably should have stuck to that whole bike plan. 181 more words


Deciding Between CPM & CPC Bidding on Facebook

In a previous blog post, fellow PPC Hero Kelsey gave everyone 3 Facebook Optimizations You Can Make Today. I wanted to expand upon her suggestion of testing out different bidding strategies and how I made a change from CPM to CPC bidding in one of my Facebook accounts. 13 more words

Chocolate Covered Pickles Prove We Can Never Take Food Too Far

We would have never pegged pickles as the universal test food for crazy taste experiments.

But people seem to be obsessed with them.  They’re making sodas out of them, … 75 more words


The Workplace Lingo That Employees Hate The Most!

Synergy.  Togetherness.  Putting the extra into extraordinary.

It’s office jargon that we’ve all heard before, and frankly are tired of hearing.  Some managers and bosses like to spout out these buzzwords hoping they’ll inspire their squad of employees, but most of the time, it makes us roll our eyes, right? 158 more words