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Blog party: Share your first or favorite post

Hello everyone!

I tried this before, but then I ended up deleting the whole post.
But I want to give it another chance ;)

If you’re up for it, please share your first or the post that deserves a little more attention because it’s just so freaking damn good! 85 more words


Inspirational and (Actually) Helpful Resources for Starting a Instagram/Blog

Since I have started an Instagram account for makeup and beauty, I have looked into a few ways I can make some money form it sometime in the future. 513 more words

Web Business Creation


We indulge in pain;
like a neck attached to a chain,
we move aimlessly
till we gratify the eyes of those who watch cautiously.

They gloat over our woes… 132 more words


We are human. We feel. We bond. We regret. We repeat. It’s a vicious cycle. We crave connection. Just like a fragrance that enters the nostrils, we love. 58 more words

My Favorite Quotes From... Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Originally Published on March 29, 2009

“I knew it was childish, I knew it was kind of criminal, but I was having a shitty day and I wanted to spread the shit around.“ 478 more words



Angry at the selfishness of human kind. Not inspired, my pen doesn’t mind. Injustice and intolerance equal disgust. Crimes being discussed. Humans resemble laxative. Reactive. Let’s pray and forget about the rest. 113 more words


We crawl into our early twenties not knowing how to jump. Obviously. We’ve just moved out of adolescence. Everyone keeps telling us we are adults. We become what we hear. 94 more words