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Eerie Silence On 10 cents Increment on Fuel prices

What does this eeriness mean ? One political analysts told audie61 bluntly.”the rakyat couldn’t be bothered anymore as there are too many holes in their pockets to stitched up… 218 more words

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What I have learnt from blogging - A 2 year anniversary post

Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress that I have been on the website for two years. Technically, I have been blogging for the past four years. 485 more words

Everyday Posts

The book review and archives pages are up.  Yay!


How I Became a Blogger

I have about six other articles that are waiting to be written, but I have been feeling the need to decompress a bit first. This past week I have been working on putting a professional online presence together, and it got me to thinking about where I come from in terms of my online persona and writing in general. 372 more words


The desperate attempt to make it work!

Today, so far, it’s not been a great day. Not even a good one.
For starters I got really pissed off with this man whom I was speaking with on the phone and he couldn’t stop calling me “little girl”, as in an attempt to diminish me in front of who he is. 997 more words

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PAS Sarawak Leader leaves Party

(Extracted from internet portal)

Former Sarawak PAS election director Mohd Fidzuan Zaidi has confirmed that he left the Islamist party two days ago.

Although the outcome of the elections at the party’s muktamar last week- which saw the progressives camp being purged from the party – was not the main reason he left the party, Fidzuan did not deny that he was quite disappointed with the results. 266 more words


DAP + PKR = 0

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said as long as PKR was working with PAS, the cooperation between Sarawak DAP and Sarawak PKR was almost at zero. 135 more words

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