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My Favorite Quotes From... Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Originally Published on March 29, 2009

“I knew it was childish, I knew it was kind of criminal, but I was having a shitty day and I wanted to spread the shit around.“ 478 more words



Angry at the selfishness of human kind. Not inspired, my pen doesn’t mind. Injustice and intolerance equal disgust. Crimes being discussed. Humans resemble laxative. Reactive. Let’s pray and forget about the rest. 113 more words


We crawl into our early twenties not knowing how to jump. Obviously. We’ve just moved out of adolescence. Everyone keeps telling us we are adults. We become what we hear. 94 more words


No pleasure. No desires. Life goes on and I’m stuck in the same place. Life’s constant. We monotonously dive into routine. No change. Life sucks. Abruptly we settle. 125 more words


Life’s a mess. We chose to fight without a rest. Achievement. This is what is meant to keep us with a purpose. We long for familiarity. 73 more words


Degree in psychology but no empathy. No drives no nothing. I’m torn between my love for loneliness and the beauty of human kind. Lost in my thoughts, I creep into life to find that ray of sunlight. 154 more words

Poor lonely boy

Comments have always been more important to me than views because I appreciate that discussion, it can be a lot more satisfying to discuss with someone your post impacted instead of just seeing a number go up. 156 more words