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The Coffee Shop -3

The Coffee Shop Part 1 click here

Later in the evening, my friend was waiting for me at my office.

-Did you even try to talk to her today? 225 more words


The Coffee Shop -2

“Long day ahead, but can’t miss a day at the coffee shop. You may wonder why: there is one person who is the reason”

The Coffee Shop Part 1 click here…

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 The Coffee Shop - 1

It has been few years I start working here, I made few good friends. Thanks to the manager, who was my friend, I got the job right away. 202 more words


The Proposal! Part 5

There is a timing for everything. There is a will for everything. There is a way for everything.

The Proposal full story click here

As she was confused,  she waited for him to come back, but everything seems well planned, he didn’t show up in the front.

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   The Proposal -3

To the strongest women.; she build her own empire. Build it with confident and faith. Depend on no one except you.

Before reading the part 3, please read the first and the second part of the story.                                      

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The Proposal - Part 2

Creating your own world was not easy! Being the lonely person. Being the center of the universe was not easy     The Proposal Episode 1- Click here…

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The Proposal

“When  the world  around you seem to be busy with its own problems, the only way to escape from it was to create your own world.” – SHiiNE…

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