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I have had passion to write since I can hold a pen and think for myself. The desire has been lurking within for a long time but I never seemed to know how to get my words together, sometimes I felt like they are never good enough to be read or even get commended. 419 more words

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Powers - Scott Turner/Blue Bolt - "Running Late"

As the sun sets on the city I put my hands on my hips and strike a heroes pose. The cameras snap my photo for tomorrows newspaper. 1,331 more words


Powers - Damien Caine - "Tainted Love"

I’ve been called many things in my life;

Narcissist, Womanizer, Man-Whore, Ruthless…

I prefer to think of myself as an opportunist. An entrepreneur even. I’ve seen what the Event has caused. 1,357 more words


A traveler’s problem - being a visitor in your own home

Edinburgh is my second home – I have lived here longer than any other place (apart from the small town I grew up in) and it’s where my actual home is, the one which I own.  345 more words



Thali technically means plate, and the earliest evidence of the usage of plates in South Asia was the Indus Valley Civilization, ages and ages ago. These days, though, thali is a classic South Asian food style consisting of several dishes on one platter. 98 more words


Powers - Aiden Takahashi - "Now You See Me..."

I spent most of my childhood being picked on because I stood out. The other kids used to call me things like “half-breed” and “abomination”. I don’t fit in with either side of my family. 781 more words


Jeera Chaanch

Goodness, it’s really really hot out. Nothing, though, like a refreshing jeera chaanch to refuel! 💙 I could drink a litre of this stuff (and I might just – someday you’ll find me hooked up to a tub of the stuff).