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June Overview: Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

June was a star-studded month over at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! Give these interviews a listen, and stay tuned for more exciting conversation with the authors we have coming in July! 84 more words


Interview with Renee Hand

I invite you to listen to my blogtalkradio conversation with Renee Hand about my book, “Angels in Action.”

Thank you for listening, and as always I would love to read your comments.




Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with NiQue!

The “Siren” is what she has been classically known as, once your ears have had an experience with her voice, and your vision set on her perfectly Asian-Almond shaped eyes, matched with the most captivating smile known to mankind; you too will come to know Urban Rock R&B Artist; NiQue. 70 more words

Urban Teen Magazine

Allies, Get Over Gay Marriage!

Presidential hopefuls, and many others that see the benefit in aligning with the lgbt community, are coming out of the woodwork in support of gay marriage.   331 more words


Cyber Security Featured on Next Episode of Spartan Life Radio

Remember the news story about SONY Entertainment being hacked last year as it was set to release “The Interview,” a controversial film about North Korea’s leader? 281 more words

Father's Day is upon us.

I think caring for dads and showing them the way with babies and children is a big part of postpartum care. I’ve watched a father become a stay at home parent and he went from knowing very little and being on the periphery of his children’s lives to someone who’s completely confident (and essential) in his ability to care for his older children and his newborn. 35 more words

Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Jordan York!

Jordan York’s unparalleled energy on stage as well as his unique sound and clean-cut image has helped him stand out from the crowd. He has evolved from a joke cracking rapper to a polished artist and entertainer who is driven to succeed in an industry where it is easy to lose focus and forget where you came. 48 more words

Urban Teen Magazine