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Check this out!

Over the weekend i made it on the list of ‘Top Ten Concert Poster Artists in Toronto’ and needless to say i’m flattered!  Among me on the list are some pretty heavy hitters, and it’s a great honour to be a part of this.   58 more words


Thinking about online dating? Read this first!

Are you single?  Are you dating?  Are you nervous about how to meet people?  Have you ventured into the world of online dating?  Phone apps that promise a connection through the convenience of one simple swift swipe?  180 more words

You Know We Screamed

We’re pretty pumped, the Goods was voted Best Salad In Toronto on BlogTO this weekend. After the high fiving subsided an exuberant discussion followed about how excited we are that the vast majority of the restaurants voted are focused on real, vegan food or at least strict vegetarian with a host of other dietary options. 112 more words


Finds courtesy BlogTO

A couple of local acts that are relatively new.

Sorry for the delay.  Exams time. Building another website.  Life, family, etc….

h/t to BlogTO

Another local discovery soon.


Wind Grove Interiors

Wind Grove Interiors has found a home in what used to be Black Pug DMK. Now a shared space, the Parkdalestorefront showcases a variety of new and vintage pieces, as well as up-cycled and custom-made items including custom Black Pug DMK merchandise created onsite in their workshop. 183 more words

Spring Fashion Forecast 2015 - Workwear to Weekend #2

Get your Fashion Game On – Groovy Baby!

We’re all pretty thankful the hair has not come back in style…nor the makeup. The clothes have a different spin, but the fun loving florals, fringe & maxi skirts have made their reappearance in 70’s fashion.

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I love Toronto

I love Toronto, yes more than Houston, I admitted it. Toronto has become one of my favorite cities in North America and here is why.  288 more words