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Poutine For Dinner, But Dessert First

The craving for guacamole hit me out of the blue one day at work. Alas, best guacamole in the city is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 327 more words

Adventures Of Pinka!

Brunch @ Cibo Wine Bar

Cibo Wine Bar is probably the best restaurant I have been to for Brunch in Toronto! I visited Cibo on King W, this Sunday and really enjoyed the whole experience. 203 more words

Bang Bang Ice-Cream

Bang Bang Ice-cream has the best ice-cream flavors I have ever tried! I have visited Bang Bang a hand full of times and I have not once been disappointed. 222 more words

Heart Sushi | Teppanyaki Tasting | Mississauga, Ontario

@Heart_Sushi | Teppanyaki | Mississauga, Ontario |

You do Teppanyaki… Gotta have that volcano! 🌋🔥🔥My favorites in that station were the tender juicy Rib Eye and big fat scallops. 80 more words


Hatch Crafted | Signature Brew and Basil Box Brew | Markham, Ontario

@HatchCrafted | Signature Brew and Basil Box Brew | Markham, Ontario |

After a cup of coffee, can you espresso your feelings? For Coffee Lovers and Afficionados, get hatched with Hatch Cold Brew Coffee! 141 more words


Soi Thai | Soi Thai Experience | Toronto, Ontario

@SoiThaiTO | Soi Thai Experience | Toronto, Ontario ||

Soi Happy to have experienced @SoiThaiTO thanks to @EatNMingle! Here’s what we got to experience from left to right, top to bottom: 101 more words