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How prolong your lashes !

How to prolong your lash extensions ! 

Healthy lashes = longer lasting eyelash extensions = less trips to the salon

Do you wear eye makeup with your lash extensions? 173 more words

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Different Curls ?

Did you go to your salon and get bombarded with options like what curl do you want? We have J, B, C and D.

What the heck are those? 327 more words

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Graffiti Alley

Toronto is a metropolitan city with overwhelming sky towers, overcrowed intersections, historical monuments, stylish squares, trendy hoods. Beside this glamor, you can discover a decent amount of small alleys behind the main avenues. 40 more words


Here We Go

I remember when I was younger I would hear about TORONTO, as of recently referred to as THE 6.  When I thought about Toronto all I pictured was the CN Tower and how lucky the people who live in walking distance of it are, I wanted a taste of that lifestyle and I told myself that I would get it by any means. 141 more words


A rainy day at the beach

It’s 29th of June. We are in the middle of summer, but the weather is not on the same page with the season.  Rain and wild winds all over the beach. 12 more words


Starring at 6ix

The downtown of Toronto is magnificent.  You can actually watch it from any spot of this massive city. But there are 12 spots, where the view is astonishing. 71 more words


To The Man Headed North on Line 1

I’m not sure what it was about you that captured my attention first…

Maybe your laid-back business attire paired with a blue backpack full of pins that stated “yeah I may be professional but I’m also an explorer.” 994 more words

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