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Where I Met Your Father

Dear Jalen,

I was in my late twenties when the recruiter called me. I ignored his call with the expectation that, like any other job recruiter I’d encountered in the past, he would move on to other potential candidates. 645 more words

Please allow me to introduce myself. If all goes according to plan, we'll be spending several years of our lives together.

Dear Jalen,

It’s 2am on a Monday morning. I’m lying in bed awake next to my soundly sleeping husband, a dog at my side and two more at my feet. 456 more words

The Self(ie) Project

The Self(ie) Project: A vehicle to chronicle my fears, decision process, mental & physical preparation for surgery to prevent breast cancer.

I have the BRCA1 mutation, a strong family history of breast cancer on both sides, a highly qualified team of doctors, information and the resources to… 88 more words


imPRESSive: Webisode Six - Freshly Pressed

At this point, you’re blogging, and you like it – it’s fun. But you secretly want more views, you want a sense of achievement, that somebody, and a lot of people, like what you blog about. 1,435 more words


imPRESSive: Webisode Five - Akismet and Spammers

Yes. As you can see from the title, we’re talking about the annoying things that happen to every blogger. Because with views and popularity, come the spammers… 861 more words


imPRESSive: Webisode Four - Blog Conferences - Where Are They?

So this week is a break from the “blogging cycle” as such. Instead, I focus on the idea of there being no more blog conferences. With the success of… 649 more words


imPRESSive: Webisode Three - Stats and Attracting Views

So you’re now starting to blog regularly, but you want your posts to be read, you want more people. But how? How can a blogger attract viewers to their site? 1,175 more words