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The Award Goes To........

Me! Wow what an Honor to be nominated for the Liebster Award

First and foremost I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Sarah Hughes Life Coach… 493 more words

My Thoughts

Can we still be friends? Blogworld

Can we still be friends?

This post is about a failure – I cannot get this sketch to full color illustration (at least, not yet). 415 more words



I used to think that, by 28, I’d have it all figured out. Solid career, defined relationships, and the stability to seek and have it all, whenever you wanted some. 615 more words


Time and Blogworld Issues

I know, my biggest lapse yet. Es tut mir leid? Sorry to my readers and friends.

First, as to where I have been. Here is a hint: 690 more words

I have a blog... So what?

I started writing a blog, as you can see, and you might have just categorized me as one of “those people.”  When you hear that someone started writing a blog, you might be the type of person (like me) who rolls their eyes and guesses how many posts they will last (which is not many) in Blogworld until they get bored with it or life whisks them away from their blogging duties… 579 more words

Positively Random