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Bike Ride Saturday Morning

Rugby 2-wheelers bike ride is starting at St Mary’s church in Clifton at 9:30am. 38 mile ride at a pace of about 14 mph. Coffee and cake stop on route. 46 more words

I am a failure.

I like to think that I achieve a lot by failing.
I like to think that I am smart for failing more
than I succeed. I mean, look at me. 94 more words


Rugby Open Code Club

Geeky blokes – if you want to get into programming, or already are into it, and want to find like-minded people, then this is for you. 49 more words

Old Railway-Line Clearance

Blokes of Cawston, Bilton, Long Lawford and surrounds.. Every Monday is a session on the old Rugby to Leamington railway-line that runs past Admirals and Cawston. 29 more words

The end of Bloke School?

When my friends decided to return their kids to school, my eldest boy was angry and upset. His (probably legitimate) complaint was that we would never see them again. 848 more words


Blokes and Bikes

Pedal bikes, not the motorised ones.

Blokes, there is a really friendly group who meet up on a Saturday morning, on road bikes. Normally do about 30 miles at a pace that is between 13 and 15 miles per hour, so it is a social ride, not a race. 122 more words