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Ok, what do they say about her?

She is way too independent, stubborn, bossy, proud, dominant, over confident, hard shell, lives in a world of her own, runs her show solely…The list is endless. 655 more words

Can I Please Be a Man for a Change?

“Cazza,” a friend asked me in all seriousness. “Would you like to be a man?”

Of course not. It was a ridiculous idea. I’ve had plenty of time to get used to being a woman, and I enjoy it. 262 more words

Family Life

The Block that Broke a Bloke

My last post on this blog was in July. That is well over six months ago. Now I could front here and pretend that I do not know what a creativity block is, or that I have been too busy and I am not one tad lazy. 606 more words


The Benefit Of An Early Start

I needed to catch up on sleep. So last night I went to bed much earlier than usual, before 10pm.

Did I catch up on extra hours of sleep? 175 more words


Selling to blokes

Phil: I was chatting to friends about The Book a few days ago and was keen to find out why they hadn’t bought a copy, even though I’d been banging on about it on Facebook and Twitter for over 48 hours. 328 more words


She offered him her sweet glistening buns on a plate. "Get away from me, you sweet tasting temptress!" he said...

5 things I like about dieting

  1. I feel like I’m being intelligent about what I eat instead of acting like a dog and eating whatever is in front of me…
  2. 78 more words

'They should come with a warning'... what if they did?!

I’m  a pretty good judge of character.

Where some friends have been taken in with compliments and a big smile, I’ve warned that there’s trouble ahead and to steer clear. 638 more words