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When its time to stop homeschooling

I was a bit saddened and a bit disappointed to hear that after a year and a half of homeschooling, a friend of mine is sending her kids back to school. 664 more words


Are monsters real?

We have been reading a lot of mythological stories from Ancient Greece lately. I have always found them to be great adventure stories, and have read countless translations and retellings over the years. 833 more words


Building your own curriculum under strict guidelines

A large part of the reasons behind why we chose to homeschool was that it allowed for individualised teaching. Even working within the guidelines, there is still a good deal more flexibility to work around the rules than it initially seems.

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"Bloke" - British slang

Other examples from the web:

  • You blame that bloke for your situation.
  • You look like the bloke from Stranger Danger posters.
  • Who’s that bloke with the funny sunglasses sitting on the plush lounge next to Susan?
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I love BLOKE!

Hello loves!

I have been following blokebody on Instagram for around a year now. I finally caved and ordered myself and my boyfriend’s sister some over Christmas time and I just have to say WOW! 298 more words


The Minoan bulls

Our history lessons are shifting away from Egypt and the fertile crescent and into the Aegean Sea. We spent a morning looking at the ancient Minoans. 703 more words


Please Help

In 2009, I was made redundant from the company I had worked for for nine years.

It was an opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do and so with most of the redundancy pay out, I took myself off on a trip of a lifetime, around the globe. 1,075 more words