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"Bloke" - British slang

Other examples from the web:

  • You blame that bloke for your situation.
  • You look like the bloke from Stranger Danger posters.
  • Who’s that bloke with the funny sunglasses sitting on the plush lounge next to Susan?
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I love BLOKE!

Hello loves!

I have been following blokebody on Instagram for around a year now. I finally caved and ordered myself and my boyfriend’s sister some over Christmas time and I just have to say WOW! 298 more words


The Minoan bulls

Our history lessons are shifting away from Egypt and the fertile crescent and into the Aegean Sea. We spent a morning looking at the ancient Minoans. 703 more words


Please Help

In 2009, I was made redundant from the company I had worked for for nine years.

It was an opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do and so with most of the redundancy pay out, I took myself off on a trip of a lifetime, around the globe. 1,075 more words


ANZAC day - My grandad's war stories.

Anzac day is a hugely important holiday in Australia. In many ways, it has become the de facto national day. Unlike Australia day, which is somewhat arbitrary and… 895 more words


Return of the assessor

As part of the requirements for homeschooling where I live, we are visited by a government assessor every year or two. This is frequently the cause of a great deal of angst for people. 638 more words


The cost of homeschooling

The most recent figures I could find show that where I live, the state spends just over $14,000 p.a. educating a primary school child. This idea of ‘How much does education cost?’ comes up often enough in homeschooling forums. 582 more words