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She offered him her sweet glistening buns on a plate. "Get away from me, you sweet tasting temptress!" he said...

5 things I like about dieting

  1. I feel like I’m being intelligent about what I eat instead of acting like a dog and eating whatever is in front of me…
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'They should come with a warning'... what if they did?!

I’m  a pretty good judge of character.

Where some friends have been taken in with compliments and a big smile, I’ve warned that there’s trouble ahead and to steer clear. 638 more words


He said Marge was in charge; but they both knew she liked him taking control...

So my diet is getting a little more hard core now…

To explain, my diet is to feel better in the clothes I wear. I know that if I put a little thought into my eating and drinking habits and had a little more exercise; then I could get a better shape to my body and enjoy they way I look a little more  – and not feel disappointed by a fat belly poking out of my shirts and jackets (got a thing for shirts and jackets) 733 more words

Olive sprinkled sage over her breasts and so began a hot Prawnographic hour...

Tonight I decided to make a chicken and prawn salad.

I lightly fried the chicken and prawns in sunflower oil with a generous glug of lemon juice and Worcester sauce. 351 more words


Bike Ride Saturday Morning

Rugby 2-wheelers bike ride is starting at St Mary’s church in Clifton at 9:30am. 38 mile ride at a pace of about 14 mph. Coffee and cake stop on route. 46 more words

I am a failure.

I like to think that I achieve a lot by failing.
I like to think that I am smart for failing more
than I succeed. I mean, look at me. 94 more words


Rugby Open Code Club

Geeky blokes – if you want to get into programming, or already are into it, and want to find like-minded people, then this is for you. 49 more words