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Pink lily/lilies.

Yay ! The pink lilies are flowering :) I hope they will last for as many days as possible. I don’t know but to me it looks like the rainy, wet, damp weather is no good for the flowers. 36 more words


Min första Linnea

Oj så liten den var! mycket mindre än väntat och ännu snyggare och finare :). En riktigt delikat liten “varelse”:) Tyvärr blev det ingen särskild bra bild! 57 more words


Campanula patula

Campanula patula, spreading bellflower, harakankello, ängsklocka

I haven’t posted anything for a while. I’m waiting for the rest of the lilies to flower :) I have, of course meanwhile, taken lots of pictures of all kind of wildflowers. 27 more words


Red & Yellow Lilies

The red and yellow tall (about 120 cm) lilies are in bloom. The other ones, in earlier postings, are 50 cm. In a day or two the pink lily will bloom. 21 more words