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Beer52 Irish Wild Honey Saison

Rating: 3.55

Another new offering from Beer52 that was part of their ‘Irish’ box for March, this one like the bottle of Irishman in New England IPA… 443 more words


Spencer Trappist Ale

Rating: 4.25

A first new Trappist beer in quite some time now, this one is a beer from the only Trappist brewery in the United States and is a Belgian style pale ale that I picked up from a local bottle shop just before Christmas. 459 more words


Carlingford Tholsel Blonde

Rating: 2.8

The second of the two Carlingford beers that I picked up while over in Ireland at Christmas, this one is also the penultimate beer from my trip that I’ll be reviewing here; only a review of a Glens of Antrim beer is left after this one.  329 more words


Zinnebir (372 of 1001)

Rating: 3.75

The first of two beers that I picked up from Brasserie de la Senne recently, both from a new bottle shop fairly close to my flat with the first of the two being a beer that features on the 1001 beers list as well. 332 more words


Bede's Chalice

Rating: 3.85

My first new tripel in quite some time and my first beer from the Durham Brewery as well, this one is another that I picked up from the Fenwick’s department store in Newcastle when I visited over the summer months, grabbing it alongside a couple of beers from the Newcastle based Wylam brewery and another from Durham, the next from them I’ll be review will be an imperial stout which should make for a good winter beer.  513 more words


Lindemanns Gueuze Cuvée René

Rating: 3.8

My third Lindemans beer now, this one follows on from the Framboise and Kriek offerings that I’ve tried in the past and is my first new beer from the brewery since trying the Framboise back in 2015. 379 more words


Make Earth Great Again

Rating: 3.6

Possibly another marketing gimmick beer from Brewdog, this one is a protest against global warming and the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement, with all proceeds are donated the 10:10 Climate Action group as a result. 390 more words