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Hop Rocker

Rating: 3.55

One of  the original three beers Brewdog ever made now, this is one that I picked up over the brewery’s 10th anniversary celebration last month when they released this one alongside their original recipe… 598 more words


Bayreuther Hell

Rating: 2.35

The final beer of those that I managed to try when visiting Berlin over the Easter weekend in April of this year, it’s only taken me a month but I’ve finally gotten through my backlog of reviews to upload here and sadly this isn’t a case of saving the best to last. 509 more words


Rothaus Tannenzäpfle (349 of 1001)

Rating: 3.1

A new beer from the 1001 list now and the last of the relatively few on there that I tried when visiting Berlin last month, I had been hoping to check a few more off but it seemed that it was the same ten or fifteen beers in most shops I visited over the course of my weekend in the city. 478 more words


Lemke Bohemian Pilsner

Rating: 3.75

Now for the last of the five beers from the Lemke brewery that I managed to try while in Germany last month, this one a Czech style pilsner from the brewery that I found on keg at one of their Berlin brewpubs and managed to try on my second night in the city. 490 more words


Cloudwater Motueka Pilsner

Rating: 3.4

My sixth in total from the Cloudwater brewery and I’m pleased to report that their beers seem to be more readily available north of the border than was previously the case; always a good thing. 640 more words


Grüner Vollbier Hell

Rating: 2.3

The second review of a helles lager in quick succession here, this one following on from the bottle of Wulle Biere Vollbier Hell… 509 more words


Wulle Biere Vollbier Hell

Rating: 2.9

Another beer I managed to try earlier in the month in Berlin now, this one is a beer that I picked up at a local shop next to our hotel in the Alexanderplatz area of the city but whose name I didn’t manage to get; I did however pick up a number of beers in the place and reviews of most will follow this one. 423 more words