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Tipopils (306 of 1001)

Rating: 3.65

Another Italian beer now from my time in Venice last month, this one is my first beer from the Birrificio brewery based near Milan in the north of the country and was the first beer they brewed after launching in 1996. 400 more words


Jelen Pivo

Rating: 2.0

A new country for me now, Serbia! This one is the first and so far only Serbian beer that I’ve managed to find and try, it is a beer that I managed to try in the town of Trieste in Italy, near the Slovenia border on a stopover on my way to Venice. 378 more words


Antwerp Belgium Pakhuis Brewery Rubens House

Day 174. After merely a week in Holland, the beer of Belgium calls us. Last post (read here) we toured Rotterdam’s modern core, Delft factory, and enjoyed various beers. 879 more words

Marks & Spencer Five Hop Lager

Rating: 2.75

A review of what was my fourth beer brewed specially for Marks & Spencer stores in the UK, this one a premium lager from the Hogs Back brewery based in Surrey and a beer that I received as a gift last week. 386 more words


Adnams Dry Hopped Lager

Rating: 3.0

This one is a pale lager from Adnams that I’ve had my eye on with a view to buy since it was launched in late 2013, I had been waiting on the price to fall some before I took the plunge though. 343 more words


Union Ležak

Rating: 2.6

This one is another fairly new beer from the Ljubljana based Union brewery that I managed to try whilst visiting the city last month, this beer was only introduced in 2014 and I can only assume that it’s not distributed that widely considering I found it hard finding anything from them available in Croatia, with the exception of their radler beers anyway. 356 more words


Union Pivo

Rating: 2.85

The flagship beer from the Union brewery now, there classic pale lager and this is one that I hadn’t actually seen before when across the border in Croatia (which always surprised me). 404 more words