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Winster Valley Old School

Rating: 3.2

Another random beer now, this one a beer I received as a gift from my parents on their return from the Lake District recently. 389 more words


Pedigree New World Pale Ale

Rating: 3.3

Now for a bottle that I picked up at a Morrisons supermarket recently due to the fact that it was on offer at 95 pence a bottle but also because it was what I assumed at the time to be a new beer from the Burton-on-Trent based Marston’s brewery; as it turns out the beer was actually first brewed back in 2013 but Morrisons obviously want to get rid of their stock quickly for some reason. 421 more words


Jever Pilsener (293 of 1001)

Rating: 2.6

A new German beer from the 1001 beers list for me to check off now, this beer is actually one that I tried a few times last year whilst in both Berlin and Hamburg but for one reason or another it was a beer that I never managed to properly review at the time. 360 more words


Tuatara Pilsner

Rating: 3.75

The byproduct of another trip to Good Spirits Company in Glasgow city centre now, a Czech style pilsner hailing all the way from New Zealand and a beer that I picked up based on the recommendation of the guy in the shop. 327 more words


Spaten Münchner Hell

Rating: 3.7

A beer I’ve been on the look out for over the last couple of years, ever since first trying it in Munich about four years due to the fact I wasn’t able to give it a proper review at that time. 436 more words


Pokertree Ghrian Golden Ale

Rating: 3.25

My first beer from the County Tyrone based Pokertree brewery in the north of Ireland, this is another beer that I picked up from a local beer shop in County Fermanagh and grabbed it as it was one of selection of Irish beer that I had yet to try and I’m all about the new beers. 371 more words


AleSmith Horny Devil

Rating: 4.6

A beer that I had been saving for quite some time now, AleSmith’s Horny Devil is a bottle that I ordered from the Brewdog online shop way back in May 2013 and had originally intended to drink soon after until I spotted the words ‘Ages Well’ on the bottles label and thought I’d store it and enjoy it sometime down the line. 506 more words