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Abita Andygator

Rating: 2.6

The final beer of six I was given as a gift from relatives returning from the United States over the summer now, this one being the third Abita offering that I’ll be trying.  580 more words


Red Horse Beer

Rating: 2.3

Time for one of those beer that I really should know better than to pick up now, this one is a bottle that I grabbed at the local Chinese supermarket over the weekend since it was the first time the store has had a new beer I’ve not tried in quite some time. 676 more words


Beehive Brae Honey Beer

Rating: 3.4

A truly local beer now, this one is what I believe is the first ever beer from the town where I grew up now, excluding my previous homebrew efforts anyway. 616 more words


Mama's Little Yella Pils

Rating: 3.6

My ninth Oskar Blues beer now and my first new offering from the brewery since trying their Death By Coconut and IPA beers back in March of this year, with the IPA turning out to be quite a decent beer. 482 more words

Blond Beer

North Coast Scrimshaw

Rating: 3.1

My fourth North Coast beer now and taking its name from “delicate engravings popularised by 19th century seafarers”, this is another I ordered online from Brewdog’s online shop after being surprised to see it at a fairly reasonable price. 514 more words


Brewdog B-Side Prototype Helles

Rating: 2.8

The latest new offering from Brewdog that I’ve managed to get my hands on now, this one coming from their B-Side series of beers and one that was listed on the board behind the bar as being their Prototype Helles. 506 more words


The Himalayan Monkey

Rating: 1.65

The second of two Indian beers that I have reviewed in quick succession now, this one following on from my recent review of… 499 more words