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Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition

Rating: 3.3

This one is a new version of a previous Shepherd Neame/Boston Beer Company collaboration that was brewed for a Wetherspoons beer festival back in 2010 and is a bottle that I recently picked up in a Morrisons supermarket after spotting it on sale for £1. 642 more words


Nørrebro New York Lager

Rating: 3.2

Another beer from my recent trip to Denmark now, this time a first beer from the Nørrebro brewery based in Copenhagen and one that I managed to try on-tap in an Italian restaurant on my penultimate night in the city last month. 428 more words


Jacobsen Saaz Blonde (330 of 1001)

Rating: 3.65

The second of the two Danish beers from the 1001 Beers list that I managed to try whilst visiting the country now, this time coming from the Carlsberg brewery as part of their Jacobsen range of beers. 472 more words


Nelson Sauvignon (BA Chardonnay)

Rating: 4.05

A second beer in succession from Mikkeller now and the second from one of their bars as well, this one follows on from their… 490 more words


Le Merle (328 of 1001)

Rating: 3.85

A third beer from the California-based North Coast brewing company now, with all of them being sampled since last March when I first tried and thoroughly enjoyed their… 764 more words


Carlsberg King Pilsner

Rating: 2.05

Another of the cheap Danish beers that I picked up at the shop next to where I was staying on a recent trip to Copenhagen now, this one is a beer that I hadn’t seen in the UK before and that was pretty much the only reason I bought what I knew would be a pretty terrible offering. 379 more words


Lapsang Lichtenhainer

Rating: 1.95

A first beer from the Manchester based Cloudwater Brew Co. now and what will also be my first beer to fall under the lichtenhainer style of beer; grouped alongside grodziskie and gose beers on the… 656 more words