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Appenzeller Vollmond Bier (314 of 1001)

Rating: 3.1

A third beer from the Appenzeller brewery now with this one following from the previously reviewed bottles of Naturperle and Hanfblüte that I managed to try when in Basel recently. 507 more words


Appenzeller Hanfblüte (313 of 1001)

Rating: 3.4

This one will be my tenth Swiss beer now and the third from the country I’ll have tried that also features on the 1001 beers list, not bad going considering I hadn’t tried any at the start of the month. 535 more words


Longfin Lager

Rating: 2.9

Longifn Lager is my seventh Ballast Point beer and another I picked up over the weekend after learning that Brewdog would no longer be stocking their beers once their current stock was finished thanks to Ballast Point being sold to Constellation Brands in the United States recently. 515 more words

Blond Beer

Naturperle (312 of 1001)

Rating: 3.65

Another Swiss beer now and the second from the country I’ve tried that also features on the 1001 beers list, following on from… 491 more words


Einsiedler Lager Hell (311 of 1001)

Rating: 3.0

At long last I’m finally getting to review a Swiss beer from the 1001 beers list, this one will be my 311th beer from the list that I’ll have sampled and it the first of several beers from Switzerland on the list that I managed to try when I was in Basel recently. 495 more words


Ueli Bier Spezial

Rating: 2.95

This one was my second beer from the Fischerstube brewery/brewpub based in Basel and was, you’ve guessed it, another I tried while visiting the city over the weekend and as a result brings my Swiss beer count up to seven now with this one being one of the few early beers that I tried not to come from the Feldschlösschen brewery. 345 more words


Feldschlösschen Original

Rating: 2.7

My first ever Swiss beer now and fittingly it is the most widely available and biggest selling beer in the country, Feldschlösschen Original. The beer is a standard pale lager that is produced by the countries main brewery, Feldschlösschen Beverages Group which has been owned by Carlsberg in 2000. 437 more words