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The Drunk Hop - Large Lager

Rating: 3.45

The final beer from those I tried over the Christmas holidays now, this one being a Spanish brewed pale lager from Brønhër Brew that I received as part of a box from Beer52 as a Christmas gift. 402 more words


Talisman Lager

Rating: 3.6

A fifth beer from the Alechemy brewery based in Livingston now, this one is a beer from their core range that I was given as part of a box from… 469 more words


Northbound 08 Kölsch Style

Rating: 3.2

A first beer for me from the Northbound brewery based in Derry in the north of Ireland now, this one is their 08 Kölsch and it takes the number in its name from the measure of the beers colour as used by the European Brewery Convention. 395 more words


Baltika 5 Gold

Rating: 2.95

Time now for what will be my third Russian beer, all of which have come from the Baltika brewery; I’m continuing to slowly work my way through the their range in descending order having first tried their… 585 more words


Hilden Twisted Hop

Rating: 3.15

Another beer that I picked up and sampled over Christmas while in the north of Ireland, this one was a beer that was originally brewed as an exclusive for the Weatherspoon pubs real-ale festival as a cask offering but has since been introduced in bottles. 446 more words


La Binchoise Spéciale Noël (323 of 1001)

Rating: 4.05

You know it’s Christmas time when I start knocking off beers from the 1001 beers list and in particular strong, Belgian beers like this one from La Binchoise. 567 more words


Ballast Point Pale Ale

Rating: 3.8

The beer that started it all for Ballast Point, this one was one of the first beers that they brewed back in 1996 when transforming themselves from a home brew shop to a brewery and as such it’s one that I knew I’d have to get hold of. 593 more words

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