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Boyne Saison

Rating: 2.55

The first of three beers from the Boyne Brewhouse based in Drogheda, Count Meath that I managed to pick up as part of a multi-buy offer on my recent trip to Ireland at the end of last month. 389 more words


Brackie (358 of 1001)

Rating: 3.5

A beer that I was originally hoping to try earlier this year when I visited Warsaw but despite visits to numerous bars and shops it was one of the few Polish beers from the 1001 beers list that I wasn’t able to find; that was until my recent visit to Krakow when I stumbled across it on-tap in the first pub I visited and right across from my hotel as well. 426 more words


Brewdog Mandarina Lager

Rating: 3.15

The second of two new Brewdog beers I tried in quick succession now, this one follows on from their Native Son IPA that I reviewed here last and like that offering is another that I sampled at one of their Glasgow bars earlier this month when stopping in for a mid-week beer. 583 more words


McGrath’s Irish Blonde

Rating: 3.0

Following on from the recent review of the very disappointing Blanche de Namur, this one is the second of two beers that were picked up on my behalf from a local Home Bargains store recently and again it is another beer that I’ve spotted in the past. 483 more words


Okocim Jasne Okocimskie

Rating: 3.65

A review of a beer that I actually managed to try a few times earlier this year when I was visiting Warsaw, although on all previous occasions I had it straight from the can and was unable to give it a proper review at the time. 590 more words


Stiegl Goldbräu (356 of 1001)

Rating: 2.4

A rare Austrian beer that I managed to try without travelling half way round Europe, this one is my ninth beer from the country and only my second from what is probably their biggest brewery, Stieglbrauerei. 491 more words


Star Lager (Nigeria)

Rating: 2.0

A very rare African beer for me now, I can’t remember the last beer I had from the continent but I know it’s been some time. 527 more words