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Princesa Clásica

Rating: 2.35

Quite a rare, pretty hard to find offering here and the final review of a beer I tried in Cuba now, I was mistaken in thinking that the… 589 more words


The Grunter

Rating: 3.9

A first beer from Grunting Growler for me now, a local bottle shop based in Glasgow, Scotland and one that has recently started brewing a couple of their own beer. 622 more words


2 Cathedrals Honey Beer

Rating: 3.05

Quite an interesting beer this one, I was given it by family members returning from Liverpool at the end of last year after they picked a bottle up in one of Liverpool’s two cathedrals. 588 more words


Plaza Vieja Clara

Rating: 3.2

Quite an interesting one here, this is about the closest you can get to a Cuban craft beer and it’s one of three offerings from the Havana based Taberna de la Muralla brewery; all three of which are available at two locations in the city. 504 more words

Blond Beer


Rating: 1.8

The final review of the non-Cuban beers that I managed to try last month when travelling about Cuba and like the can of… 489 more words



Rating: 2.25

Another beer that I had been on the look out for on my recent trip to Cuba, this is a beer that I’d seen a couple of pictures of before arriving in the country and then spotted the odd empty can of sitting on the beach on day in the country but locating a can to buy proved more troublesome. 622 more words

Blond Beer

Martens Pils

Rating: 1.35

The second beer in a row that I tried in Cuba but that was imported from Europe now, this one follows on from the can of… 451 more words